7/24 – Yankees vs. A’s

Kennedy 3B
Cabrera SS
Hairston LF
Cust DH
Suzuki C
Sweeney RF
Barton 1B
Ellis 2B
Patterson CF

Pitching: Brett Anderson (5-7, 4.25)

YANKEES (58-37)

Jeter SS
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Posada C
Matsui DH
Cano 2B
Swisher RF
Cabrera CF

Pitching: Joba Chamberlain (5-2, 4.05)


Phelps shines in Tampa debut
July 24, 2009

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Toledo (Tigers) 8
Scranton/WB (In Toledo) 7
W: Rapada (2-2, 2.88); L: Ramirez, E (1-5, 3.93)
HR: TOL: Sizemore (3). SWB: Duncan, S 2 (25).
Scranton/WB 4
Toledo (Tigers) 2 (7)
W: Johnson, Ja (2-2, 5.50); L: Rainwater (0-2, 3.75); SV: Kroenke (2)
HR: SWB: Miranda (13). TOL: Ramirez, W (12).
Trenton 2
Harrisburg (Nationals) 3 (10)
W: Martinez, Ca (5-4, 4.87); L: Schmidt (7-2, 1.40)
HR: None.
Fort Myers (Twins) 6
Tampa 3
W: Rapada (2-2, 2.88); L: Ramirez, E (1-5, 3.93)
HR: TOL: Sizemore (3). SWB: Duncan, S 2 (25).
Charleston 5
Greensboro (Marlins) 4
W: Williams (1-0, 6.75); L: Todd, B (2-3, 3.12); SV: Ortiz, J (4)
HR: GBO: Smolinski (7).
Brooklyn (Mets) 4
Staten Island 2
W: Cohoon (6-1, 2.15); L: Rondon (2-2, 1.59)
HR: BRK: Rivera, L (3). SI: Almonte, Z (4).
GCL Yankees 4
GCL Blue Jays 2
W: Perez, K (1-0, 3.00); L: Teague, E (1-1, 5.59); SV: Marquez, D (1)
HR: BLU: Perez, Ca (1).
You may also see http://www.yankeesdaily.com for details.
Toledo (Tigers) 6:00 PM
Scranton/WB (In Toledo)
Toledo (Tigers)
Harrisburg (Nationals) 7:00 PM
Fort Myers (Twins) 7:05 PM
Greensboro (Marlins) 7:05 PM
Staten Island
Brooklyn (Mets) 6:00 PM
GCL Yankees
GCL Braves 12:00 PM
You may also see http://www.yankeesdaily.com for details.

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Mantle: that is only ONE man’s opinion of the Yankees. The ‘empty dreams’ team looks like it can go to the playoffs and the WS.

This team is now winning and sweeping series. And a win is a win, regardless of who the other team is.

Have heart and support your team or I would suggest you change your nickname.

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I watched tonight’s game w/a good buddy who’s an A’s fan and frankly it was rather disappointing. Yeah, it’s good to win but if the A’s are not in fact fielding a AAA team, they’re sure playing like one. Not much of a challenge.
As for Beane, I dunno…how great is a guy who got rid of Dan Haren, Nick Swisher, Marco Scutaro, Rich Harden, Joe Blanton, Mark Kotsay etc etc etc–and now, Matt Holliday–in trades that have yielded poor results? (I’m not a Cashman fan, but the team he built is a contender currently in first place; have you seen what the A’s look like? Not a pretty sight.) My buddy the A’s fan hates the Yankees but he admits that if you keep getting replacing top talent w/semi-scrubs AND pocketing the revenue sharing monies that could get you some talent out there, all you’re doing is keeping the operation afloat and selling empty dreams to your fans.

In other words, they are the Pittsburgh Pirates of the American League. As a fan of the game it saddens me when storied franchises are reduced to a joke.

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Andrew Jackson,
Thanks for the word on Kazmir, again we’d have to pay a premium for a trade within the division. Any other names mentioned along with his?

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Sper33, You are correct Joba did a great job tonight, Working out of self made jams has made him a better pitcher. Yes I agree another starter is still a need. I’d also like to see another strong OF or a good versitile backup IF.

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Another solid start from Joba, that’s 2 in a row. Maybe he was right, that he’s back to where he was last season, back to being Joba. Hopefully he can continue this recent string and help anchor down this Yankees’ staff. I still feel however, that the Yankees need to go out and acquire another starter.

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I was going to say that Halliday will not leave with Oakland, But my thoughts were staying in NY with the Yanks. I guess I was 1/2 right, he was traded to the Cardinals. . Rumor has it that Kazmir may be traded, He’d make a fine addition to our staff, don’t you think. “Go Yankees!”

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