That’s six straight

celebrate.jpgYou’re never as good as you look when you’re winning, and you’re never as bad as you look when you’re losing. Someone told me that a long time ago, and that saying has stuck in my head when fans – mostly the casual types who can’t identify half the starting rotation and draw a complete blank when asked to name a Yankees reliever other than Mariano Rivera – go crazy (and flood my e-mail) about a couple of games here and there.

Remember that three-game series at Anaheim? Seems like a long time ago now. Everyone who thought the sky was falling and the season ended that week looks a little funny here.

The streaky Yankees are hot again, getting this homestand started on the right note by taking six straight from the Detroit Tigers and the Baltimore Orioles. The most recent of those came on Wednesday afternoon on a beautiful day in New York, as the Yankees piled on early and held the fort in a 6-4 victory over the Birds.

Don’t look now, but the Bombers are two games up on the slumping Red Sox in the American League East. As the A’s come into town tonight to make up an April rainout and CC Sabathia takes the ball, it’s good to remember that things most certainly aren’t going perfect for the Yankees. But the vibe is a whole lot better than it was out West.


Sign of the times. There are no more fire Girardi, his coaches, trade that Joba, Joba and Pettitte need to pick it up, trade Wang comments. At least that verbage is on hold for a while. The team is performing very very well and even Swish surprises. I finally agree that A-Rod is a phenominal batter. Now if we can stop picking on Cano everthing will be great in YankeeLand.




That sounds like a great discovery!


To whomever posted that info about using a sling box hooked to his parents TV, thank you!

I checked it out, and found that if I hook up a TV with a sling box in my nephew’s house in NJ, I will be able to watch all of his local TV programming anywhere in the world via a PC and an internet connection. No more Oriole and Nationals blacking out my Yankee games! I can catch all the Yankee games right here in NC without MLB and all of their fees. Plus, I can watch the Giants, Jets, Knicks, & Nets if I so desire, without buying all of their seasonal sport packages. As far as folling my teams, it’ll be just like I never left NJ. Except, of course, for the standard of living difference!

Any of you guys that have moved outside of the Yanks TV coverage area might want to consider this idea. You need to have a wiiling partner living within the Yanks TV area that has broadband internet.

Anyone else have any experience with this unit? Please let me know before I purchase the equipment.

Go Yanks!


I like what you said about Yanks so-called fans that can’t name a reliever other than Mariano Rivera. I really feel the playoffs are coming for us and that Yanks will find a way to beat the Sox and Angels on decisive games.


Yes. But they still need to beat The Angels and the Red Sox now and then.


Keep that “MOJO Working”. The starting pitching has been great. Keep pitching 7 ininngs, make the bull pen better. Ok! outfield you guys have to catch up with the rest of the good defense. Angels and teams like that expose you guys. So lets pick it up outfielders and we can win this thing. I am dreaming of a Yankee vs Dodgers World Series. Man that would be great for baseball, all kinds of story and blogs line.


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