A very special first pitch

The Yankees had Day 2 of HOPE Week (Helping Others Persevere and Excel) on Tuesday, heading to Greenwich Village to meet with Tom Ellenson – a sixth-grader with cerebral palsy who has been named the ‘Most Valuable Person’ of his league champion A’s team.

Alex Rodriguez, Andy Pettitte, Joba Chamberlain and Kevin Long all headed to J.J. Walker Field to conduct a rally and clinic. Tom may not be able to take the field during games, but he has been as much a part of the team as anyone. Introducing the Yankees at the clinic, Tom recited his rallying cry: “We play as one, we win as one!”

As the A’s ‘MVP,’ Tom’s responsibilities include keeping score, programming the lineup into his computer for printouts, playing music that would inspire the team to victory and leading the roster onto the field for each game. The story was an inspiration for the Yankees.

“I’m a parent and I’ve got four kids, so my kids have been off to Little League,” Pettitte said. “Just to see him whenever the kids come around him, how excited he gets and how much these kids love him, he’s a part of the team. It’s just a great story. If your heart can’t be touched by something like this, you don’t have a heart.”

Before Tuesday’s game, the A’s handed the ball one by one down from the mound, where Tom delivered it to the Yankees waiting at home plate.


Glad to see Joe Gordon Yankee 2nd baseman in the early ’40s was elected into the HOF, Congratulations to JOE. I’m sad that my all time favorite Pitchers, Allie Reynolds missed by only one vote. He was a great pitcher, As old Dodger fans used to say “Wait til next year”
For you youngsters Allie Reynolds “Super Chief’ #22 threw 2 no-hitters in 1951, In July, winning 1-0 vs Bob Feller and the Indians. Again in September vs Boston and Mel Parnell winning 8-0. He pitched for Cleveland in the early ’40s and then traded to the Yanks in ’47 for Joe Gordon. A good trade for both clubs…Both were All Stars…..


Mitre wasn’t bad: 3 ER, 1 BB, 4 Ks; I’ll take him as a no.4 or no.5 starter, no problem.


NO ONE is taking THAT bait, Todd. I mean, how desperate must you be? Right?


Yea I was wondering when I wrote that!!
He He He!!!!!!
But you are Friggin Right WTF is wrong with Girardi, Hinske is MUCH better than that kid, Maybe they are playing the twerp to show to scouts for possible trade bait-HOPEFULLY!!!


Does Cody Ransom have pictures of Girardi having sex with farm animals?! WTF?!! He plays Ransom in lieu of Hinske, who is swinging the back mightily, playing good defense, and who we’ve yet to see at 3B. But no, he has Ransom in the lineup again!!! Why hasn’t this guy been released?!! (Sorry Todd, if I’m taking over your angry rants today. hahahahahaha)


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