At Old-Timers’ Day, A.J. meets Dr. K

DrKAuto.JPGIt takes a lot to rattle A.J. Burnett on a normal game day, but the Yankees pitcher was a little nervous waiting for Dwight Gooden to make his way down through the dugout toward the bat rack before Sunday’s Old-Timers’ Day exhibition.

Burnett collects memorabilia relating to strikeout champions, and about eight years ago, someone offered him a box of old Sports Illustrated magazines. He gladly grabbed them up, planning to have the best ones signed for his family room — in his locker here at Yankee Stadium, Burnett has kept Gooden’s April 18, 1985 ‘Doctor K’ cover, waiting for the moment when the good Doc might show up. This was it.

“Mr. Gooden,” Burnett said, like a 8-year-old trying to angle in on an idol. “Can I have your autograph?”

As you’ll see in the photo at right — taken on top of an old Pudge Rodriguez chest protector — Gooden gave Burnett his wish. The inscription reads: “To A.J. – Continued Success. All My Best. Doc Gooden.”

“It’s Doc, man. I always watched him growing up,” Burnett said. “He was one of my favorites. I just told him it was nice to meet him, and I always wanted to. I told him I had something here from the old days for him to sign, and he liked it.”


I think Bernie might be touring behind his new album, Todd. And O’Neill also missed his Irish (Baseball?) Hall of Fame induction, too. Who knows?
I wonder what The Boss would’ve said about tattoos back in the day…


Sure is. By the way, Hinske now leads the Yankees in tattoos. A.J. and Bruney have nothing on this guy. His entire back is like an ink shirt.


That was quite a game Well pitched on both sides. I finally have to say “JOBA, A job well done”, 7 innings, 1 run 3 hits. Joba may have finally come of age. He still has been throwing too many pitches, but when he finally settled down he was unhittable.. I’m also glad to see our dynamic duo come through with BOMBS, They won the game for us, NOW only one game out of 1st in the East. It’s de je vous all over again, Maybe this time we will take over to stay…


Bernie is traveling out of the country and could not attend.


Any word on Bernie Williams or Paul O’Neil, its a shame they wern’t there…


Pretty cool. Always nice to see the big stars acknowledge their heroes.


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