Sherman: Yanks won’t trade for Halladay

This is a couple of days old, but doing some housekeeping here — Joel Sherman of the New York Post reported via his Twitter that the Yankees will not pursue ace Roy Halladay of the Toronto Blue Jays, saying that officials told him there is “zero chance” while citing the main reasons their chase of Johan Santana never reached fruition.

You’ll remember then that the price in terms of prospects and a contract extension were considered much too high. Phil Hughes would be one constant in both the potential Santana and Halladay swaps, and at other points Ian Kennedy (out after having an aneurysm in his pitching arm) and Melky Cabrera were involved in the Twins talks.

In the Post this morning, George King writes his Yankees-Twins gamer around Halladay, noting that he was asked by a player: “Are we in the Halladay thing? What will it take?”

King’s response: “The answer to the first question is always, ‘Yes.’ The answer to the second one is ‘a lot.'”

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