To run or not to run, A-Rod edition

nats celebrate.jpgThe Yankees lost in the bottom of the ninth inning last night when, with Brett Gardner at third base representing the tying run, Robinson Cano hit into a 6-4-3 double play that erased Alex Rodriguez at second base.

Within seconds, my e-mail was flooded with fans complaining that Joe Girardi hadn’t put A-Rod in motion on that play, with one calling it “a Little League mistake.” WFAN was still crowing about it this morning when I crossed the George Washington Bridge (which, by the way, was a monsoon situation).

So here’s Girardi’s explanation of the play:

“We had talked about it. It’s kind of a double-edged sword. You figure he can hit into a line drive and you get doubled up. then you have Cano and Posada, two pretty good RBI guys, and you lose the chance for Posada to hit. Even though Robbie’s not a huge pull hitter, you close that hole up if he steals, and then they play the infield in. There’s a lot of different things that you have. Al is physically probably not running as well as he was last year, but he’s fairly close. If we got a 3-2 situation, am I saying that I’d hold him up? I’m not saying that. But we talk about it. (Mike) MacDougal is quicker than he used to be to home plate. There’s a lot of factors that went into it.”


okay, even if you are sure there wouldn’t be a throw, you make the move, so they walk Cano, you are forcing them to make decisions, i like my chances with posada hitting a fly ball to tie the game as much as i like them with cano, on the squeeze, so what if it’s tailing away from cano, be easy to just go with that towards third


anyway, cano is batting way better is the last month than Posada. I believe .415 was the average M Francesa pulled up today for Cano’s BA.


why not squeeze play? because macdougal has movement on his Fastball and because Cano is a crappy bunter. HE’d pop it up.


of course there wouldn’t have been a throw, but stealing 2nd would hurt you. They would intentionally walk Cano because Posada is slower. Then they go back to DP depth instead of infield in.


I agree. Why didn’t he pinch run for A-rod? Was he afraid of not having A-rod’s dormant bat in extra innings? If you put a pinch runner in, i think he stills second without a throw. Don’t think catcher would have risked Gardner heading for home on a shaky throw. Even if you don’t steal second, why didn’t Girardi squeeze home the tying run with one out? Let the next guy go for the two out hit to win it, but at least you have tied it up with Cano squeezing Gardner home. Instead, you get the fans all fired up, just to disappoint with the tying run 90 ft. away. That’s almost worse than the 3-1 loss to a well pitched game.


I agree, I don’t know a flipping thing and I am certainly not paid a couple million a year to make the decision, but the last good decision made last night was to send in Gardner. Why didn’t he pinch run for A-rod? If you put in a pinch runner, he probably takes second without a throw because of the fear of Gardner taking off for home on the throw. Did Girardi think we would need A-rod’s dormant bat in extra innings? Even if you don’t steal second, why didn’t we consider squeezing Gardner home with one out? Tie the flippin game, you got the fans fired up and if you get a two out single after that great, but at least you tie it and everybody is fired up going to the 10th. Pitiful and disheartening for fans.


Girardi IS A FRIGGIN IDIOT!!! The Throw WOULD NOT have been made, NOT with Gardner at Third…
Typical Girardi Make some DUMB*SS excuse OR TRY TO??
Yea you talked about it… BLOCK HEAD!!!!



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