Jeter’s MRI comes back clean

Derek Jeter’s MRI exam on his stiff left ankle came back clean, and – surprise! – he tried to talk Joe Girardi into putting him in the lineup. No dice, though, as Jeter will ride the bench tonight as a precaution. Girardi said that they’ll give him another day to rest and try again on Thursday.

Jeter wandered back into the clubhouse at about 4:40 in a T-shirt and jeans and, as you’d expect, didn’t seem all that thrilled by his little field trip. He also said he’d be ready to pinch-hit tonight if needed.

“Any time something happens, you have an MRI,” Jeter said, tongue in cheek. “That’s why I don’t tell them anything.”


Wow! Show us ladies a picture of Jeter in T-shirt and jeans to help carry us through the game. lol. Jeter iks a gamer – always wants to play.


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