Teixeira needs some help

Mark Teixeira has fallen behind Kevin Youkilis in the All-Star balloting at first base, but the margin is ever-so-slim — in fact, Major League Baseball is calling it an “epic race.”

The Red Sox first baseman led Teixeira by 1,315 votes in the results of the most recent checkpoint, but there is still plenty of time for fans to fire some more votes Teixeira’s way.

As MLB notes, the closest contest on record occurred in 1982, when Philadelphia
second baseman Manny Trillo (1,506,402 votes) edged Steve Sax
(1,504,777) of the Los Angeles Dodgers by 1,625 votes.

The two closest
A.L. races on record were in 1982, when California’s Fred Lynn
(1,353,890) narrowly defeated Dave Winfield (1,350,531) of the Yankees
for the third outfield spot by 3,359 votes, and in 1977, when Boston
shortstop Rick Burleson (2,221,349) prevailed over New York’s Bucky
Dent (2,217,923) by 3,426 votes.




In defense of Jorge’s defense
By Benjamin Kabak


They’ll both wind up making it so who cares. Texeira will be leading the AL in homers come the ASG so will be selected either by the later vote or by Maddon if he loses to Youkillis. KY can play multiple infield positions so you’d think he too would be taken by Maddon if not initially selected.


You know what NoDig – that comment is not even close to being funny. That’s even low for a Yankees fan.



Kevin Puke-alis looks like a pedophile w/ his fu manchu on the MLB.com website.


i voted 25 times – all Yankees for the AL votes and wrote in Melky for outfield


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