Pettitte: I’ll start Wednesday

pettitte.pngAndy Pettitte was up and around the Yankees clubhouse this afternoon, showing hardly any ill effects from the stiff lower back that bumped him from last night’s start after five-plus innings.

“I don’t think there would be any way I would not make my start,” Pettitte said.

Pettitte said that he felt worse on Monday at Arlington when his back locked up in pursuit of a batting practice fly ball, but he still was able to start last night. That tells him that everything will be ready to go Wednesday against the Rangers in New York.

“It’s nowhere near as bad as it was when I hurt it originally,” Pettitte said. “I’m very encouraged.”


They may be in first but Girardi is still a putz. Why not let
Robertson pitch the 9th? Veras comes in and gives up a HR and HB to the first 2 batters. Veras has a 6+ ERA, doesn’t
even belong in MLB, send him to AAA. These kind of management moves will come to haunt him later in the


Andy did a good job last night, but you could tell he was not the same in the 5th, and again in the 6th, Joe should have pulled him earlier, It could very well have cost the game. Thanks to great pitching by Aceves It might have spelled disaster. Also Mariano was super.


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