A lot of question marks in the Bronx

The Yankees lineup card shows 26 players with one hour to go before game time. Brian Bruney is back, but who’s out? It’s anyone’s guess right now. There will be something to report — you’d hope — by first pitch.

But one thing you can rule out — Joe Girardi said the Yankees aren’t ready to go without two infielders to back up Alex Rodriguez just yet. Ramiro Pena and Angel Berroa will apparently stay. Joe Girardi said that Bruney could be pitching in the eighth inning as soon as tonight.

“I’m not sure exactly how sharp he’ll be his first outing out, but it’s good to have him back,” Girardi said. “We need him back and we need him to throw like he’s been throwing in the eighth inning for us.”

Chien-Ming Wang threw 50 pitches in the bullpen and says he is ready to pitch in the big leagues, and that he has the ability to keep his sinker down in the zone. He said he feels “almost the same” as last year. Will the Yankees agree? Again, stay tuned.

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