Can they do it again?

I never thought I’d write the names Celerino Sanchez, George McGovern and Floyd Youmans in the same story, but here it is — a write-up of the Yankees’ three-game walk-off win streak, which ties a club record and is still two shy of the Major League record, achieved by the 1986 Houston Astros.

My favorite part is just imagining the baseball cards that accompany these names:

In 1972, the Yankees won both games of a doubleheader against the
Royals on Aug. 27, with Johnny Callison stroking a single in the ninth
inning of Game 1 off Kansas City’s Ted Abernathy to post a 7-6 win.
Horace Clarke’s sacrifice fly off Bruce Dal Canton brought home
Celerino Sanchez, ending a 9-8 contest in the nightcap.

After a day off, the Yankees welcomed the Rangers to town and posted a
win in familiar fashion. The 11th-inning hero that night was again
Callison, who singled to right, sending home Ron Blomberg with New
York’s seventh and winning run.

Trivia aside, the Yankees have shown some fight in coming back these three games to open the homestand against the Twins, who probably can’t wait to get out of town here having woken up a sleeping club. Andy Pettitte and Glen Perkins make up the pitching matchup tonight at what should be a relatively chilly Yankee Stadium, so be sure to bundle up if you’re heading out to the game. More later from the clubhouse…


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I don’t know if they are all late inning wins but I believe 14 of the Yanks’ 20 are come-from-behind wins.


Hi gang: Back after being away a few days. Excited the Yankees won in extra innings. When I heard the score in the 8th and 9th innings I figured “a sure loss” again because they haven’t come back in the late innings much at all this year. The bull pen has sucked all year and the offence hasn’t been there with clutch hits late in the game. For the last three games they have done what they haven’t done all year. Does three games a year make? Somehow I don’t think so. I notice in the last blog that there were a number of bloggers ragging on the hoch bloggers who have been kicking the team’s butt most of the year. Let me say I think the butt kicking was necessary given the performance. Sure they’ve won three with walk on hits in extra innings but they were real nail biters. There were some positive signs. Sounds like Yankee management was listening to some of the bloggers here who have been crying out for small ball all year, more sacrifice hits, more sacrifice bunts, more aggressive on the bases, more hits to opposite field etc. etc. Now it’s happening. So the criticism has brought some positive action and results, so let’s not knock it. I still think the Yankees are a 500 ball club. The bull pen has been pitching better the last few games as have the starting pitchers and guys like Rodriguez and Tex have been hitting better. Damon is on fire and he is a guy that’s come through a lot this year and carried the can for some of the younger guys and other much higher paid dudes. So we give credit where it’s due and acknowledge better play the last 5 or 6 games but I’ll feel more comfortable when we are 25-15 and when the team has obviously turned their play around. The Jays just swept the White Sox so we’ve got to go some yet to catch them. So you guys who are knocking the critics let’s wait and see where this team is a month from now.


Sanchez was a guy out of the Mexican League like Aceves and Vasquez (who is heating up at Trenton!)
Callison was an over the hill Phillie by the time he came to NY.


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