Bring the House That Ruth Built into your home

The Yankees held a press conference at the new Yankee Stadium to discuss the old place, revealing the long-awaited details of what will become of the memorabilia that made up the original Yankee Stadium.

And the answer is, much of it will be available to the general public. As we learned yesterday, the City of New York will receive $11.5 million from the Yankees for the right to sell off seats, bleachers, foul poles, and pretty much everything that was nailed down.

According to a press release, authentic Stadium memorabilia will be available on immediately, including:

•    1 ft. x 1 ft. pieces of live sod from Yankee Stadium: $120
•    Pairs of Stadium seats: ranging from $1499 – $1999; commemorative single seats: $750
•    Final Season Crystals with Genuine Dirt from the original Yankee Stadium: $80
•    Original bricks from Monument Park in a glass case with etched Yankees logo: $150

There is also a”Yankee Stadium Legends” online auction, commencing today and closing on Friday, July 24 between 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. ET, featuring a total of 1,500 distinctive pieces. Prospective bidders can register for the auction and sign up for updates at


Anyone notice the seat numbers on the two seats pictured on the crawl on the Yankees web site? They read 19 18
Message to old time Red Sox fans? I wonder if anyone else caught that. All that money for dirt and sod? You have to be insane to pay that kind of money. $3200 for a pair of seats? Even those that read 19 18?
Friends of ours have two seats from the original Stadium, they were $15.00 each when they did the renovation in 74-76. Anything for a buck. Guess they have to find some way to pay for those luxury boxes. Some idiots will pony up. They want to do something for the fans? Give them away in a drawing.


A brick of monument park? Honestly not sure if I’d want part of the ‘ghosts’ in my house, the Babe et al probably wouldn’t be too pleased either


I’d buy that stuff for a dollar.


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