Nick Swisher needs your All-Star votes

nickswisher.jpgIf you pick up a fan ballot for the All-Star Game, you’ll quickly find that your choices in voting for a Yankees outfielder are limited to Johnny Damon, Brett Gardner and Xavier Nady – the outfield that Joe Girardi trotted out on April 6 at Baltimore.

So if Nick Swisher wants to spend time in St. Louis this summer, he’s going to need your help. A group of Swisher fans are chanting, “We want Swisher!” in cyberspace, and this has nothing to do with the Yankees being down by double digits.

The Web site has step-by-step instructions on how you can help send No. 33 to the Midsummer Classic. He’s played like one so far – seven home runs, a patient eye and sixth in the American League in OPS (1.066). And he has a 0.00 ERA!


Nick Swisher needs to play like he’s worthy of being an all star…Than I’ll consider voting for him. Because right now he’s starting to show why Ozzie Guillen dumped him.


Maybe if you didn’t vote for them it would let them know that they must play better to earn their spots. It might just be the wake up call that is needed to spark this ego filled bunch..


I’m probably mistaken, I thought the all_star game is played to showcase the best players at each position on each team. It is supposed to be an honor to be selected. It has become strictly a popularity contest for see how many players from the the big markets will be selected by their fans. Thereby the better smaller market players can only be selected by the managers. It’s ridiculous to be selecting Jeter & Teixiera etc. to the All-stars solely because they are Yankees. The only Yankee that is, at this time deserving a spot is CANO. I’ve been a Yankee fan for 70 years and I think it’s wrong to make a selection of our player just because we are Yankee fans. I been on this blog and reading how lousy our team is, And how bad they are playing and yet now comes voting time and like robots you are selecting Yankees all all positions, Knowing that they’ve not really earned your vote……. “GO YANKEES!”


Well he got mine several times, don’t think I have the patience to go all out for 25 votes though.


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