Fans attempting to save Gate 2

Received an interesting e-mail from a group interested in  preserving the Gate 2 entrance at the old Stadium, as kind of a window from the old into the new around the Bronx. Check it out at

I must say, I was impressed by the graphic renderings and it did seem like a very nice touch. I just wonder if it’s too late, since demolition on the old Stadium has already begun. But definitely worth checking out, there’s some good ideas out there.




Now starting @ 3rd B for your NY Yankees…Me. LHP specialist MM40. Does anyone think that Yanks scored too many runs last night? They should’ve saved a few for Joba. Watch them get shut out.


I think the Gate 2 idea is fantastic. If even just for visitors to the new Stadium to look across the street at!


Hey Bryan, thanks for mentioning the plan to save Gate 2. I’ve been trying to get the word out on my blog (Sliding Into Home). I also just emailed Peter Abraham asking if he’d mention it on his blog as well.


Bryan, would you perhaps be able to advise which MLB dept. we can direct issues of SPAM towards? I received the following email in my inbox and the CC’d folks on this email are other users/posters on this blog! It has been expressed before that our Email addresses should be anonymous and only the UserID should be displayed – I think this only heightens the need. If MLB expects to have participation on Blog sites, we expect to have our privacy protected; it’s a two-way street!

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