A-Rod to play extended spring game Thursday

Alex Rodriguez will play in an extended Spring Training ‘camp day’ game on Thursday in Tampa, which is a fancy way of saying that he will bat against Yankees pitchers. He’ll get four or five at-bats as a designated hitter under controlled conditions, and will DH for a few days before playing the field. Pushing up Rodriguez’s return a week to May 8 appears very possible if he does not suffer any setbacks.

It looks like Melky Cabrera will continue to play for the foreseeable future. Joe Girardi said he took Gardner aside and stressed the Yankees have not lost confidence in him, but Cabrera is in the lineup once again tonight as they play the hot hand. They’ve effectively swapped places on the roster from April 6, as Gardner now could need Johnny Damon or Nick Swisher to need a day off to get back in.

Ian Kennedy had numbness in the middle finger on his right hand and was seen today in New York, diagnosed with a vaso spasm. He will be treated with medication and return to Scranton before being re-evaluated on Monday in New York.


Porcello’s a Met fan hey? He’ll probably pitch a shutout


They will need to be careful with ARod during the first few weeks to protect those hips. I would still watch for a more all around infielder that can fill in on days off or injuries.
People forget how many outfield assists that Melky had before having problems at the plate. He does not have Gardner’s speed but does have a decent arm.


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