Damon banged up, out of lineup

Johnny Damon is out of the Yankees lineup after complaining of being banged up with achy knees as well as his shoulder and a stiff back. You’ll remember Damon hit the Green Monster hard chasing Mike Lowell’s three-run double in the eighth inning yesterday – Joe Girardi said that collision wasn’t the reason specifically, but it also didn’t help.

Girardi has to be wondering who he can call on in the bullpen. Mark Melancon and Steven Jackson might make their big league debuts tonight if big-game Andy Pettitte doesn’t hold to form and give them seven innings, as he has in the first three starts this year. A series sweep would not let the Yankees leave town with a pleasant flavor, but there are still 15 more games vs. Boston this year.

“You never want to be swept anywhere, so it is an important game for us,” Girardi said.


As much as I am beginning to think that Girardi is in trouble I have to wonder out loud who takes over if a change is made at the helm during this season?


You know it’s April when Ross Ohlendorf gets the win against Peavy and has an ERA two and half points lower


Damon hit the wall really hard yesterday. I hope he’ll be back in the game soon.



If the Yankees get swept tonight GIRARDI MUST GO!!!
No excuses, GET RID OF HIS *** !!!!


Girardi wonders who he can call out of the bullpen — YEA HIS bullpen and the pitching staff in general HAVE THE HIGHEST ERA IN BASEBALL!!!!!!
Way to go Girardi and the Yankee coaching staff of MENTAL MIDGETS!!
HMM I think ya forgot your LONG RELIEF back in TAMPA??? What a bunch of IDIOTS!!!!!!!


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