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Yanks to skip Wang’s start vs. Red Sox

You had to figure on this – it makes sense, especially with yesterday’s rainout. Look for Wang to be dispatched to Tampa to work with the organizational pitching gurus, since it doesn’t do him much good to try to figure it all out on a bullpen mound in Boston. Wang said yesterday that his confidence is still there, and Joe Girardi was talking about having faith in his heart that Wang will eventually get it right. But there was no reason to send him out against the Red Sox, a team that has given him a fair amount of trouble.

Homer-happy Stadium creating a buzz

Mark Teixeira was talking a little bit about the jet stream that carries out to right field and pledged for patience, saying that it will probably take about half a season to start to understand how the new Yankee Stadium really plays. But that hasn’t stopped AccuWeather, for one, from speculating that the air rush might be due to the slope of the grandstands. Apparently the Yankees studied this and had no idea it might play that way. Maybe it’s just bad pitching through four games — we’ll see.

Yanks’ Matsui had knee drained Thursday

Funny, Hideki had the knee drained April 16 and said on April 17 that he did not consider it a setback and that there were no plans to drain it. Very tricky…

Giambi still very fond of New York

Giambi had a great line in his press conference yesterday, saying that the new Yankee Stadium has the feeling of grandeur that passengers must have felt stepping onto the Titanic. Everyone laughed, kind of uncomfortably. The Big G chuckled and corrected himself, saying, “I’m sure it won’t sink.”

A-Rod ramps up on-field activities

10 batting practice home runs in 75 swings down there in sunny Tampa, Fla. The sounds Cody Ransom should be hearing are creeping footsteps.


It seems to me that Mr. Wang is still favoring his right foot, even if he consciously feels no pain. His body is forcing him to lean to the left too early in order to protect his right foot.

It is the stress of a real game, as opposed to what goes on in the bullpen, that likely makes him pitch differently.

He needs to understand that nothing more is wrong with his foot, he just favors it a bit during games. The other possibility, of course, that his foot still hurts.

Dr. Jacob Driesen

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I see the UI as either Ransom or his direct replacement. Other than Lamb, there must be some upgrade available!
Also the empty seats may be causing a tightening of the purse strings!!!

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Pena won’t develope riding the bench in NY so he will likely be the one to go to make room for Alex. I also wouldn’t rule out someone replacing Ransom altogether!

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Players added to the 40Man in December 2008 are not likely to be removed this soon! Ransom would be replaced by someone capable of playing 3B. That’s not Shelley Duncan. Sanchez may be given more time to evaluate his third rehab!

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Who says the Yankees management team doesn’t listen to and read the blogs of the fans. After all the comments after Wang’s last start I’m sure management knew it would be suicide to put Wang out again starting. Girardi still has confidence in his pitcher, at least he’s expressing that publicly, but I’m not quite as positive about him getting Wang straightened around and ready to start effectively again in the near future. Hopefully they won’t rush him back in and will give him time to get things right. If not get someone else into the rotation until he’s ready.

Fortunately ARod is due back mid May so at this point there isn’t much point in getting someone to replace Ransom at 3rd but if ARod goes down again they’ve got to trade for someone else. They can’t go any longer with Ransom. He’s not getting it done on the field or at the plate. There series against Boston will be a real test of where the Yankees are with both teams now tied for second place. Boston seems to be playing the last few games like we thought they would. They’re coming on so the Yanks don’t have time to fumble around and not perform and put wins on the board.


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Well, that only means it’s time for another setback!

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Bringing back Shelley raises the problem of a 40Man roster move. I read somewhere today that Humberto Sanchez is nearing the end of another rehab!

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I saw that AccuWeather report yesterday. In some ways, it actually makes sense. It will be interesting to see if their premise that the number of HR should slow when the weather gets warm and humid holds true.


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MON - APR - 20 - vs Athletics  - 7:05 PM - YES
TUE - APR - 21 - vs Athletics  - 7:05 PM - My9
WED - APR - 22 - vs Athletics  - 1:05 PM - YES
THU - APR - 23 - - -
FRI - APR - 24 - at Red Sox  - 7:10 PM - YES
SAT - APR - 25 - at Red Sox  - 4:10 PM - FOX
SUN - APR - 26 - at Red Sox  - 8:05 PM - ESPN

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Buffalo (Mets) 7:05 PM
Binghamton (Mets) 6:35 PM
Brevard County (Brewers) 7:00 PM
Savannah (Mets) 10:35 AM
You may also see for details.

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Rochester (Twins) POSTPONED
Binghamton (Mets) POSTPONED
Charleston 1
Savannah (Mets) 3
W: E. Ramirez (2-0, 1.15); L: A. Brackman (0-2, 5.06); SV: E. Turgeon (1)
HR: SAV: S. Ratliff (1).
You may also see for details.

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