Joba still seeking efficiency

The final line on Joba Chamberlain today against the Reds — 5 1/3 innings, allowing two runs on five hits. He walked three and struck out six.

“It was good. I’ve still got to be better, but as far as velocity and just attacking the zone, I think it was the best [this spring],” Chamberlain said. “I felt good going through. It’s got to be better, that’s for sure, but it was something to build on.”

Asked specifically what needs to be better, Chamberlain said he needs to reduce the number of pitches he throws to get through innings. He needed 87 pitches (53 strikes) to record 16 outs here at Ed Smith Stadium.

“I’ve got to be more efficient,” Chamberlain said. “I had some good short innings, but there were other times when I got extended with two outs. I’ve got to shorten pitches and when things get out of whack, I’ve got to slow things down.”

Chamberlain said he is leaving Florida today to head to Nebraska, where he faces arraignment for offseason drunk driving charges. Chamberlain gave the impression that it would be a quick proceeding and said he would beat the Yankees charter to New York.


Hey Dontrelle, it’s called high cholesterol.


I just can’t wait to start the season already.


“LHP Dontrelle Willis was placed on the 15-day disabled list with an anxiety disorder. Willis, for his part, doesn’t understand the diagnosis and has said he feels well. “I have no idea, but (the doctors) didn’t like what they saw in the blood,” Willis said. “This is not something where I’m too amped up and I don’t know where I’m at, and I’m running sprints up and down the parking lot.”

(Yahoo! Sports)”

Can you explain this Bryan?


Pitch efficiency wasn’t his problem in 2007. I think he’ll settle down and pitch just fine.


Cashman won’t do this but I would and I am sure many experts would too. Sheff was well liked by all his previous teammates and he has power still but he is not an everyday player anymore.


I know i’ll take heat for this but I like Sheff as a hitter. Released today by Detroit who will pay his salary. Sheff is looking for the minimum which quite frankly is all he’s worth. I’d sign him as a pinch hitter bench player occasional DH for the minimum.


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