This game is difficult

A blog post off the beaten path: Found a batting cage in the greater Tampa area after the game today and jumped in what was labeled as the ‘expert’ cage. If I had to guess, this was probably about a 90 mph machine.

Back when I was playing on a team and training regularly, I could handle an 80 mph fastball from one of those things consistently. This was definitely faster than that. Look, I wasn’t ever going to play professionally or anything, but I do miss being between the white lines (this job really doesn’t lend any kind of time to join a league).

It’s pretty sobering when you dig in for 10 or 12 pitches and can’t even foul one off. But it’s also nice to get that reminder once in a while. This game looks very easy from a distance, less so when you’re actually trying to do it. Back to your regularly scheduled programming…


Could you really hit 80? That’s great if you can. Did you play at all on your high school team?


Hi, where is that cage in Tampa? They are getting hard to find and I’ve wanted to see if I had any of the High School moves left…..


This is why I don’t complain about all of those big salaries. It takes a lot of talent to play MLB. Life is short, and a baseball career is even shorter!


Nice pic. You need to work on your mechanics though. Your balance is way off. You need to slow it down a bit and don’t rush to the plate so much.

You should try to organize something more regular. Even once a month outside Yankee Stadium. Maybe you guys can get the Yankees to let you use their showers afterwords.

It would be nice if something like that were in place by the time I’m a beat writer.

I’m done with my amateur scouting for the day.


We actually do play two games a year, usually — the New York media vs. the Boston media. One game is played at Yankee Stadium, one game at Fenway Park.

OK, this kind of hurts to post. Here’s a photo of yours truly on the mound. This was taken in my scoreless seventh inning (K, K, 4-3) before the wheels came off and I blew the save to Boston in the eighth. (D’oh.)


I like the idea of the beat writers playing a game! I’ll second that request.



I remember getting in a batting cage but I don’t remember how fast the ball was going. I just know it was going fast. I didn’t hit one ball.


Why don’t you and the beat writers organize a game early before night games. Once a week or every other week couldn’t be too much could it? And they’re got to be at least 18 guys looking to play. Although I’m guessing that would be a game with about 15 DH types.


Yeah1 I know. I was in SF a few yrs back and there was the AT&T allstar game fan stuff there, and they had a batting cage. I couldn’t hit one going 50mph!

But then I gave the pitching simulator a shot. I guess all those years playing QB in HS and semi pro helped; I actually landed the second highest score that day. I was hitting my spots, but my velocity wasn’t as hard as some of the other guys. I had never actually thrown a Baseball before then.

I guess it’s like anything out there. You have to really work at it in order to be good. It’s a tough game. But if I had a choice as far as what skills I’d like to go back in time and develop, it wouldn’t be football skills, I’ll tell ya that much. Once you get blind-sided by some animal 2X your size, you start wondering why you didn’t join the debating team.



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