Dispatches from Port Charlotte

While most of the beat was watching the battery of CC and Jorge in Tampa, we must offer thanks to Mike Margolis of the media relations department, for these notes from today’s 5-0 Yankees loss to the Rays at Port Charlotte


The Yankees nine-game winning streak was snapped. It was their longest spring winning streak since March 14-21, 2002 (also nine games).

In the seventh, Kei Igawa allowed his first earned run of the spring, walking in a run with the bases loaded. It snaps a streak of 9.2 scoreless IP vs. Major League teams and 12.2 IP in all games (including 3.0 scoreless IP on 3/5 vs. Team Canada).

Robinson Cano (2-for-3) was the only Yankee to record multiple hits. Austin Jackson (1-for-1) hit an eighth-inning triple, marking the Yanks’ only extra-base hit of the day.

Damaso Marte pitched the fifth inning around a walk. He told Mike: “I felt good out there today. I felt I had good command.”

Looks like the Triple-A catching tandem is set: Kevin Cash and now Chris Stewart, he of the three-day stint with the Yankees in ’08. Though we’ve said it before and it applies here — if either of them wears pinstripes for a long period of time in ’09, that means Posada and Jose Molina aren’t. And that means very bad things. 

Got one more story to hammer out for the overnight and then it’s back to business on Monday with an early-morning drive across the causeway to see the Phillies in Clearwater. If you’re keeping score, the finish line is in sight. The Yankees have four road games remaining this spring — Phillies, Braves, Blue Jays and Reds.


Pilittere is one of my favorite dark horses. I’ll be curious to see where he lands for this season.


Is it just me or is there something special going on this spring?

The addition of CC and AJ obviously make a difference. And Tex. Jorge’s shoulder seems to be working. Mo’s showing no signs of slowing. Cano seems to have found his stroke again. Matsui looks on track to be the contributor we want and need. CF is still a fight and that’s a bad thing how? I think Nady will find RF just fine. I cant wait for Jeter to put the pinstripes back on (sorry boys, it just wasn’t meant to be this year.) I’m fine starting the season with Ransom at 3rd.

But there’s something else. With all the crap that has accompanied ST again this year, there just seems to be a different air. Articles like the one Bryan posted about CC fitting in. The guys hanging out, playing Xbox, going to games. Maybe that was the missing element?

Just seems different.


I’m still trying to find out what is left. lol.


Walking in a run. Yup, sounds like Igawa.


Walking in a run. Yup, sounds like Igawa.




Glad to see someone is up in NYC what is it 11.30 PM it is 1430 here in Melbourne.

No offence mate but try to settle down. I know baseball as in most sports is a passionate game. There is such a thing as constructive criticism if you want to give it. B Park like most out there is putting an opinion across right or wrong and no doubt welcomes the feed back from one and all. He may be right he may be wrong but that is what it is all about. We toss things around and WE ALL LEARN. If we knew it all we would be sitting in the chair of Bryan Hoch and others in the industry. Look at me I started out with nothing and I have still most of it left !!!.
Funny story I went to a wedding on Sunday our time. The best man was also the baseball coach/manager of the groom. In his speech he made the comment that he had tried Nick in 10 differnt positions and he was crap at them all and he hoped Felicity had better luck.
iam not lining you up and having a crack at you in any way. I just find it sad that supporters of this team have to resort to loading up and firing bullets at all because of their opinion and because that opinion differs to ours.


Igawa is useless. He’ll come back to earth….


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