Melk Man still trying to deliver

Melky Cabrera isn’t giving up the fight yet in his bid to be the Yankees’ Opening Day centerfielder, nor should he. From what Joe Girardi said yesterday, Cabrera and Brett Gardner have played similar baseball over the last seven to 10 days and the fight might be closer than a lot of people judge it to be.

Gun to my head right now? It’s Gardner in center field on April 6. What does that mean for Melky? Well, he’s out of options, and I think he could help a team. But the Yankees may need an extra outfielder anyway with Hideki Matsui unable to play the field until June. Girardi seems to believe they can carry both and keep them both productive. We’ll see.

Hey, that A.J. Burnett is one tough cookie. John McDonald ripped a single off Burnett’s left triceps and not only did Burnett stay in the game, but he said that it didn’t even leave a mark. Of course, the bruise might just have been obscured by his Bruce Lee tattoo. Burnett told Girardi that Lee had deflected the ball off his washboard abs.


Matt, I cannot disagree with any particular point you have made. I do think Gardner will hit better than .250, though. This is my one sorta “gut feeling” prediction I am making.


I can totally see the Yankees going after Lackey. I just think that they would like his play off experience. If that is the case, don’t be surprised to see Joba in the bullpen and hughes #5….right now, nothing surprises me.

And I’m tellin ya, I think Gardner s going to be very, very good. The guy can hit in big spots.



my awful spelling is only surpassed by my killer personality-“extension”….


I introduce to you, my fellow yankee fans…the new starting pitcher for the NY Yankees in 2010: John Lackey. The Angels look like they have gone from suck to blow in their efforts to sign him to an extention.

Hows that for a rotation:


Horly Carp that’s meeeeeen. and if Mo for some strange reason (41? who’s 41 in 2010??) Then you gots the Justin Chamberlain closer era and Phil “chill pill” Hughes is #5. And if Gardner is the real deal, Melky reaches his potential, and A-Jax isn’t all hype, then…..

Can you smell that? No, it’s not beef brisket-It’s a new yankee Dynasty! And it doesn’t include wastoids like Pedro, Bonds, or any Pudge!


It wasn’t the Japanese scouts, Bobby-G, it was strategic marketing on the part of Hanshin and the gullible NY Yankees overseas scouts who screwed this one up. I wouldn’t trust any more of the Yankee scouts in japan. They all drank way too much Sake when they green lighted that deal.

I hope I’m wrong and Igawa becomes the next Randy Johnson and blows away AL hitter this year. Yeah…right. I have a better chance of having and utterly righteous encounter w/ Tyra Banks than Igawa ever being relevent to a winning NY yankee team.

I hope Gardniner is the CF this year. He adds such a brilliant dynamic to the line-up. If he is consistant, he can be a bigtime difference maker. Hey, if Schmelk has is the 4th OF, I’ll take that.

I’m sure Mr Park would like to see us DFA Gardner and Go forth and sign AnDruw Jonsie.


Like Pavano, all we’ll likely have to remember Igawa is one brilliant game in 2007. Pavano’s was opening day. The Yankees will not trust Japanese scouts again ever!!!


Kei Igawa is just waiting to implode. He’s like a neutron star-he can’t escape from himself. IgOWa is what he is: Crappy. Just look at his steady decline since 2004 in Japan and you’ll see that he was over hyped and the Yankees fell for it hooklinestinker.

I don’t care if this human colonic throws up there a no hitter with 17 Ks next week- he should be tossed in the scrapheep known as SWB.


Can Berroa play all three positions at least reasonably well? I don’t know what his experience is?


re: kingofnewyork

yes and no. I’ll be the first to admit Kei is a worthless piece of **** and today he pretty much showed that. He’s still got that 0.00 ERA though, which has to hold up for something after his 9 innings or so, even if it is just luck.


Right now it looks like Ransom will start at 3rd and Berroa will be utility IF. Our newly restocked pitching better come through for us. Girardi said we can win games 2-1 and 3-2, the Yanks will need quite a few of those wins by the look of it.


If they carry Melky and Swisher as part of the bench (or Gardner and Nady, depending on how it goes), then they are going to need a utility infielder that can play 2nd, 3rd, and short, (Swisher is backup at 1st) who will come in knowing that he is only playing until Alex gets better. What options do we have???


More scoreless innings from Igawa…that’s it Kei, you get that trade value up from negative


Okay – that’s funny about A.J.!



They’ll be fighting for center field all year long if they both make the team. If one player starts to play bad, Girardi will just put the other guy in.



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