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Joba would replace Mo in event of injury

It would seem, courtesy of the New York Post, that the Yankees have discussed using Joba Chamberlain as a contingency plan to fill the closer’s role if Mariano Rivera misses an extended period of time. The timing is a little curious after Rivera needed just 11 pitches to set down the Pirates in an inning on Tuesday, but I suppose Chamberlain could do as well as a closer as he was in the setup role. Mark Melancon is getting his feet wet at Triple-A and you’d have to think, long-term, he projects as the most likely heir apparent.

Wang learns quickly from poor outing

Chien-Ming Wang made the adjustments he needed to make and didn’t even need to bat in the Yankees’ 4-1 Grapefruit League win over the Astros.

Strictly a DH, Matsui feeling fresh

Joe Girardi said yesterday that Hideki Matsui won’t play the field until at least Interleague play in June, leaving him strictly as a DH until then. That could create an at-bats crunch for Jorge Posada and Johnny Damon, who also could have used the DH to stay in the lineup. As it is, you’d have to think this will be Matsui’s final season in pinstripes for that reason – Posada has two more years under contract and it’s anyone’s guess how much catching he’ll do.

Good luck to Aaron Boone, who will undergo surgery to repair a heart condition that may end his career. Boone originally wanted to be known for more than just the 2003 ALCS home run off Tim Wakefield, but has since accepted that it’s part of who he is. One thing’s for sure – no baseball fan in New York will ever forget that moment. It was actually voted as the top Yankee Stadium moment by fans on last year.



Is he or is he not on the Yankees???


Bryan, Did you get a confirmation from the Yankees on the Joba/Mo contingency plan? The timing is a little suspect. I am a FIRM believer in Joba’s as a starter. And I am sick and tired of this same debate over and over.


Two things: #1, thanks for clearing that up. I am sure that if YOU spoke to him, he must be on this team, somewhere. #2, who the hell cares? The guy is a non-factor and I’ll just add him to BParks superstar Roster.

Why was he even mentioned? He is as relevant as Daffy Duck on wippits.

All it did was confound and confuse me to the point of searching the internet for the past six hours trying to find out whether or not he is still with the cardinals or if he emmegrated to Canada.


Shelley Duncan was DFAed for a roster spot for Teix wasn’t he? Problem for him is that with Swisher on the team there doesn’t seem to be a role for a backup 1B/OF like Shelley.

I wish this talk of Joba to the pen would end once and for all. Sure, if Rivera went down Joba would get a lot of votes to close but really he should be put in the rotation and left there. Poor lad has done enough moving around for his career, if he is to ever become the ace he can be he needs some stability. Of course I fully expect a lot of Yankee fans to disagree


I’m pretty sure there’s a guy named Shelley Duncan on the team. I hope there is. I talked to him today.


Transactions…depth chart…nothing. No Shelley. You must mean Stan Marsh’s sister, correct? You know, the one with head gear? I hate to break it to you, but she is not, nor anyone else named “shelley”, is on the Yankees roster.


Ok. So I looked at every minor league roster in the Yankees organization. I checked the 40 man roster, the active roster, and even the freaking rookie league roster. But I, unfortunately, CAN’T FIND ANY “SHELLEY” ANYTHING ON ANY TEAM ROSTER AFFILIATED WITH THE YANKEES. So, ButtersPark, can you please tell us what the hell you are talking about? Or are you going to be a nerfherder about this?


Shelley? Shelley who? Mary Shelley? Shelley Duval?

What are you talking about?


Our thoughts and prayers are with Aaron.



Do you think that Jaba is destined to be Mo’s replacement when he retires or do you think the Yanks will keep in as a starter and look elsewhere for a closer?

Bombers Weekly


Indeed, all the best to Aaron Boone.
Bryan, are we trying to move Cabrera or do you think we will simply release him? Seems like most people consider Gardner a lock at this point.
Also, what do we do with Shelley? Triple A? Or do we keep him in a similar role as Swisher?


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