A-Rod: The day before

Just got an e-mail from Details magazine. It turns out that the day before Alex Rodriguez’s year changed irreversibly – the day the Sports Illustrated published a story reporting A-Rod tested positive for banned substances in 2003 – he spent the day chatting with a reporter from the magazine for a feature story that will be published in the April issue.

Here’s a few select quotes from the publicity department:
“We live in a world right now where everyone’s keeping score.  And it doesn’t stop when the games end…They’ve crossed over.  And you have the Internet stuff, and all these phones…It’s very intense.”

“New York is one of a kind.  It’s made me ask all the tough questions.  It’s brought out the best in me.  There are some things I have to work on.  And that part is fun.  Revealing the truth about yourself is always good.”

We know there’s those of you who can’t get enough of A-Rod. And for you, here’s the link to the story (that rather disturbing photo you’ll see after the jump is, indeed, Alex looking into a mirror.) All the steroids stuff aside, there are things I didn’t know in here. Alex says he has taken the subway to night games at Yankee Stadium? Go figure.

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Taken the subway? Why do I find that hard to believe?



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