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Strong start a ‘sigh of relief’ for Joba

Crisis averted! Joba Chamberlain finally looked dominant again last night, throwing three innings of one-run ball against the Reds. He said that there were mechanical flaws in his first two starts, and that the five-run outing against Team Canada was just the kick in the rear end that he needed to set things right.

Cashman ‘not proactive’ in trade market

I hear the naysayers who are wondering how the Yankees can possibly go into the season with Cody Ransom filling in for Alex Rodriguez. Didn’t we see Erick Almonte playing a bunch of shortstop the year Derek Jeter injured his shoulder on Opening Day? The ’03 Yankees recovered just fine, as I recall, and made it to the World Series.

Mussina visits Yankees with no regrets

It’s hard to imagine that Mike Mussina wasn’t shoveling snow one day and wondered what might have been if he’d decided to pitch another year, but he insists it never happened. The Moose really has shut it down and even if the Yankees need a pitcher due to injuries, he won’t be the white knight they look to. The days of coaxing guys like Roger Clemens out of retirement look like they’re over.


“That burned piece of meat you call a brain ”



That is hysterical! I am so going to steal that!!

That’s gotta be one of the best insults I have read in a long time. Ahhhhh….Made my night. The image alone is worth the price of admission. “That burned piece of meat you call a brain ” -Instant Classic!


In the pen, he wouldn’t be abused as a 7 inning starter, he would probably make it through the year.


Your right Matt, Chris Britton (no longer with the club), Dave Robertson and Kennadia would all throw back to back no hitters, my bad, should have realized that.


LAst thing this team should do is make the mistake of bringing back Bernie or signing a broken down old pitcher like Martinez.

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Whatsup Matt?
Pedro has had 1 hit total in 2 games in the WBC, putting him in the pen is minimal risk.


A Rod will come back better then ever and besides once he comes back we will have 6 months before the playoffs


Well, Schilling and Bonds need to retire but Dro and Bernie seem to still have something left.


Some of these guys probably should not be coaxed out retirement.



Thats said now but I am sure Moose would be a consideration if there was a need.


lol@Almonte, yeah and he took Sojo spot in the WS, then what?


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