3/4 – Yankees at Braves

Live from the Disney Wide World of Sports complex … hey, no DH today. Meanwhile, Alex Rodriguez may be somewhere over America’s heartland, headed for Vail, Colorado and a date with a hip specialist. Maybe he’ll bring us back some hot cocoa?

We caught up with Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon today to ask about the silliest story of the spring so far – Jose Reyes, imaginary New York Yankee. Jeter said he had “nothing to say, man,” while Damon did what he does… laugh it off.

Can’t believe that’s going to hold up as the big story of the day, but let’s see.

Johnny Damon LF
Brett Gardner CF
Xavier Nady RF
Juan Miranda 1B
Angel Berroa 2B
Jose Molina C
Kevin Russo 2B
Ramiro Pena SS
Ian Kennedy RHP

Josh Anderson CF
Yunel Escobar SS
Kelly Johnson 2B
Casey Kotchman 1B
Jeff Francoeur RF
Jason Heyward LF
Omar Infante 3B
David Ross C
Kenshin Kawakami RHP


Maybe Stat-Rod can hook up w/ that chick Kobe did & paid off.


What does everyone think of Francoeur?


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