Grapefruit League thoughts

It is an ugly, ugly morning here in Tampa, Fla. – rain, wind, etc. – and this has the makings of a long Sunday. As local expert Mark Didtler points out, there’s no way the Reds would give up a guaranteed gate in Sarasota, not when they’ve had trouble drawing in their last season before moving out to Arizona.

The Reds’ departure is going to create an interesting twist to the ’10 Grapefruit League schedule — it’s looking like the Yankees will have to schedule some trips to Florida’s east coast just to offer some balance. A Spring Training Subway Series, perhaps? I haven’t been to Port St. Lucie since ’06 and I hear there’s more to do now than when I was hanging around the Mets beat. That was basically spending Friday nights at the local Wal-Mart.

There’s a rumor that the Orioles might take over the Reds’ complex in Sarasota. Personally, I’d want to see someone revamp the vacant Vero Beach site – I used to love heading up there, before it fell into a state of semi-abandonment. Imagine Dodgertown becoming Oriole City? You could tack a ‘Cal Ripken Way’ sign over the one that reads ‘Sandy Koufax Lane.’

OK, off to the clubhouse. Word is that there’s some clear weather on the way. Let’s hope! 

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I like the idea of a Spring Training Subway series!



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