Closing up at Steinbrenner Field

Final score, Twins 7, Yankees 3. Some short notes for you:

— Alex Rodriguez isn’t talking like a guy who plans to meet with MLB investigators on Sunday. His name remains on the travel roster for the game against the Reds in Sarasota and he said he plans to be on the 9 a.m. bus. We’ll see. Seems likely that A-Rod could be a last-second scratch from that sheet.

— Don’t fret just yet over Joba Chamberlain’s rough inning here today. He was throwing all four-seam fastballs, and when you fire a 2-0 heater down the pipe to Delmon Young, an RBI double is a predictable result. Joba said he threw two changeups and one slider in the whole frame. For Feb. 28, he did enough. Next up for him: Team Canada on March 5.

— CC Sabathia will throw a simulated game tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. I’ll hang back and give it a look – Joe Girardi said he would as well. The Yankees are trying to limit Sabathia’s innings in the spring whenever possible because, you know, he’s thrown a ton.

— Jorge Posada will throw on Monday, Girardi said, and could resume DHing soon after that. I know the panic button needs to be pushed with every Yankees injury, especially a player as significant as Posada. But Posada himself did not seem too worried at all about this, and he’s never been exactly the world’s best actor in masking his true feelings. Brian Cashman told me that they had to have a 4-on-1 discussion just to talk Posada out of playing today.
— Hideki Matsui is running on dirt and anxiously awaiting Gene Monahan’s signal to turn him loose. Matsui needs to just be able to make the turns on the bases without soreness and could be cleared to DH late next week. Girardi said he had to corral Matsui and get him out of the outfield today. (On an unrelated note, I think I may have cut Matsui off today on Boy Scout Boulevard. Oops.)


I can see your point but over a long season, 1 season, I would take Pudge if and only if Posada isn’t able to catch.
Bryan, it is as if Kennedy is already admitting defeat, I would rather him say he is looking to come in and compete. It is as if he has already accepted the fact that he’s going to AAA. I have no problem with an athlete being humble but I would prefer a mindset of someone who is going to go take it.


What’s dumb about Ian Kennedy’s comment? He’s got to prove he belongs. Nothing’s handed to him this year.


At this point in their careers, I’d rather have Kevin Cash over Pudge. Just my opinion.


Regarding sox-yankees prospects discussion, I’d rather have Cano than anyone named on the red sox


Sorry Rocketman, Pudge is clear upgrade over Kevin Cash, that’s obvious. Cervelli is not ready, so an upgrade their too.


Bryan, who is Gardenhire referring to? Nomar?


Posada is a scary sign. Glad there is a cautious approach but damn, Pudge would be a good insurance policy.


And you did it on Boy Scout Blvd? Okay – that’s too funny! It will be interesting to see if the Yankees can stay healthy.




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