Yankees fall to Twins, 5-4

If you had 33-0 for the Grapefruit League pool, you lose.

Brett Gardner is making a case for himself, stroking a single and double while stealing a pair of bases. He also fought the sun to make a tough catch in center field and pretty much showcased himself as the sparkplug type player he is. Melky Cabrera was 0-for-3 and left three men on base, so Gardner gets a win today. I’ll be writing more about it soon.

Ian Kennedy is trying to be more aggressive and challenge guys, something Joe Girardi and Dave Eiland both stressed last year. He credits a good showing in Puerto Rico for helping drill that mindset in. His line — 2 innings, 1 hit, 1 walk, three strikeouts.

There was a legit gripe in the ninth inning, as it looked to the naked eye that Eduardo Nunez beat out an infield single that would have tied the game. Tim Tschida banged him and 7,998 streamed to the parking lot. Hey, it’s Spring Training for the umpires too.

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Somethings never change when “humans” call the game! But it’s baseball – Yay!



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