Everyone’s got a green light

green traffic light.jpgBrett Gardner stole two bases on Twins catcher Mike Redmond on Friday, and Joe Girardi later said that Gardner has a green light for the whole spring. Then again, so does everyone.

While the Yankees might take it off for select situations, Girardi said that he wants to see what players can do and also judge their knowledge in applying those skills. It wasn’t a steal situation, but don’t think the coaches didn’t notice today when Angel Berroa tried to stretch a single into a double — on a ball hit to shallow center field.

“Even in situations where runners shouldn’t run, I still leave it on,” Girardi said. “You have to learn as much as you can about a guy and how much he knows.”

Meanwhile, this might make you feel old. In discussing players who he modeled himself after, Gardner said that he remembered searching on the Internet for the discontinued model of Nike cleats that Kenny Lofton was wearing in the big leagues at the time. Gardner, 24, was in high school when he was pointing and clicking his way to eBay.

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I can think of better players Gardner could model himself after. The name “Rickey Henderson” comes to mind. But Lofton? Uh, no.



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