2/27 – Yankees at Twins

Firing this off from the front seat of a Ford Mustang …

The Yankees are on an 8am bus to Fort Myers, where the Great American Outfield Battle will commence. Xavier Nady, Nick Swisher, Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner are all on the trip to play the Twins. The pitching will be Ian Kennedy, Eric Hacker (high on Jorge Posada’s list of people to watch), Andrew Brackman, Wilkin De La Rosa, Anthony Claggett and Michael Dunn.

Last night, Joe Girardi took the beat writers out for an annual dinner – I’d forgotten how good the Capital Grille was. I can vouch that the Kona rub sirloin was quite tasty.

One thing you might find interesting – the day of the Yankees’ pool party, Girardi went to the Richard Petty driving school at Disney World last week on a shoot for the Yankees On Deck show on YES. He absolutely loved it, getting one of Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s old cars over 120 mph. In fact, if the skipper is late to an exhibition against the Braves, we’ll have an idea why.

OK, onto the highways. Please, no flashing blue lights in my rearview today.


I wonder if there’s any validity to the Yankees going after Manny Ramirez now that the Dodgers seem to be out of ideas on what to do next.


I would think that after going to the Richard Petty Driving school, Girardi would have no reason to be late again! ;-D



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