A-Rod on his first game back

Quotes from the left-field bullpen, where A-Rod stopped and spent a few minutes with us before signing a few autographs for the fans:

“It was nice. It was a good crisp game for us. It was nice to be out there playing baseball again. That’s what I do and it’s the place where I feel most relaxed.”

“I thought the fans were OK, actually. I’d like to invite a bunch of them out to Fenway this summer. That’d be pretty nice.”

“I didn’t have much thoughts. It’s just a Spring Training game. For me, I was just excited to be able to go out and do what I do best – just play baseball. I hope today is the start of a special year for all the guys and the fans.”

“Everything else is confusing, but baseball is what I do best. It’s what I get paid to do. I’m just happy to be doing it again.”

“Our New York fans have been incredible. The feedback I’ve gotten from players and fans – I’m just excited to move forward and have a special year for our team.”




Spring traning may not count, but the important thing is that A Rod’s head seems to be in the right place. Better than the home run was the walks, in 07 when A Rod went on his tears the most obvious thing was when he was sitting on pitches, waiting for the ones to hit, and taking his walks when he got nothing.

Another good odd year from A Rod, minus the rotation woes of 07, and with Teix backing him up; this could be a very good season.

As for the reception he’ll get in Fenway, well he wasn’t exactly being coddled there to begin with. Hopefully he deals with it well enough to help us win.


Oh dear – the fans were “Ok.” Hmmm.. that doesn’t sound all that good.



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