CC is on track

Today is defense day here at Steinbrenner Field, as the Yankees are lined up in the outfield hitting cutoff men at the big ballpark while the infielders roam the back fields. Somebody forgot to pay the heating bill, also — it’s only in the 50s here, with light jackets a requirement for attendance at the park.

Didn’t get a chance to address this much yesterday, but CC Sabathia is lining up as the Yankees’ Opening Day starter — in a development that should really surprise no one. Joe Girardi hasn’t officially committed, but he’s giving every indication that the thought is on the right track.

Sabathia will start the March 6 game vs. Detroit, beginning the ‘real’ rotation, while the Yankees will piece together starters for the games that kick off Feb. 25 at Dunedin — just five quick days away.


Temperature wise we are rocking some mid teens lately. I’ll take your 50 any day. Bryan, any word on the CF and RF position battles? Who’s looking good out there? I know he can’t afford it right now, but did anyone help Johnny Damon with his hair?


Well it’s actually 30 degrees here so I wouldn’t mind a little 50.

Sean Serritella


Just kidding. So far so good. The pitchers are ahead of the hitters here and he overmatched four minor leaguers yesterday. Joe Girardi said that if he didn’t know CC was a baseball player, he’d think he was a football player.


He looks big!


It is always an event when the Yankees come to Dunedin. Last year I got pictures of Spike Lee at the game!


Bryan, considering that it’s 28 degrees here, I’m having trouble feeling sorry for only the “50s”! How has C.C. looked in camp so far?



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