Well, I’ll be. Bernie Williams! He’s back!

williamsbtp.jpgYep, that was Bernabe Figueroa Williams walking into the Yankees clubhouse this morning, shaking hands with Joe Girardi and suiting up with the rest of the players.

Two years after the Yankees watched to see if Bernie would accept their non-roster invitation, Williams is here to work out for the upcoming World Baseball Classic, where he’ll play for Puerto Rico.

“You look good, Bernie,” Girardi said.

Williams greeted a few friendly faces, made the right turn toward his old corner locker – now occupied by Jose Veras – and walked past a roster that still lists his No. 51 as unassigned. WFAN’s Sweeny Murti suggested that Williams make Veras vacate the old digs, and Williams replied, “I’d need an extension cord to plug in my amp.”

Williams then found an extra pair of pinstriped pants and a black workout t-shirt, and headed off to the cages. He was in uniform at the Sept. 21 final game at Yankee Stadium, but this is the first time Bernie has hit in pinstripes since the 2006 ALDS.

He said he’d check in with reporters after he worked out — and no, he’s not in camp to compete for a job with the Yankees. But that’d be a heck of a story, wouldn’t it?


Amen, Rosh.


I saw Bernie working, the rumor here is he has agreed not just to work out but to sign and re-evaluate at the end of the spring, no official confirmation and his status seems to be a secret other he’s preparing for the WBC.


Welcome back Bernie!


It would be nice to see him back. Good luck to him in the WBC.



I apologize for stating the obvious, but Bernie Williams is one of the classiest players to ever grace the game. It just hasn’t been the same since he was forced into retirement. I hope, in his time at spring training, he can mentor Melky and Robbie a little bit. I wish Bernie had a coaching position in Pinstripes. He belongs as a Yankee. He will always be a Yankee.
– Rosh


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