Things we learned today

— Bernie Williams still fits into his old pinstripes nicely. And in the upset of the year, Yankees fans like Bernie Williams! Joe Girardi said that Bernie “brightened the room” and intends to have him chat with centerfielders Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner in the days to come.

— After commandeering Johnny Damon’s music machine, Nick Swisher revealed that he has a terrible singing voice. He sure is enthusiastic, though.

— Pitchers really are ahead of the hitters. The quartet of Justin Leone, Ramiro Pena, John Rodriguez and Chase Weems went meekly against CC Sabathia. Meanwhile, Brian Bruney and Joba Chamberlain handcuffed Jorge Posada, A-Rod, Mark Teixeira and Damon.

— The Yankees have new road batting practice jerseys, with NEW YORK in silver across the chest. They’re not bad looking.


So you all mean to tell me that you think that the SI article was absolutely fine? You think that using those sources is acceptable? I disagree. Sensationalism. Question my knowledge. Call me names. I still disagree. My journalistic instruction has taught me that journalists are held to a higher standard than that. Not revealing one or two sources is one thing, but when the accusations rested on the statements of five people and not one of them was named, or even qualified by position, the information is still suspect.

Let’s look at the discussion on Alex for a moment. As you stated, he has come forward with an admission of guilt of using a performance enhancing substance called “boli.” Many people are taking the assumption that this boli is some sort of blend between primoblan and testosterone, or that he is lying about boli altogether. Although that information cannot be entirely confirmed outside of the SI allegation.

What of the case of Gene Orzo, who has not admitted guilt.

Pgarrett, You claim to have a Masters in Journalism and Mass Communications, so maybe you can clarify the error here. I am always welcome to a learning experience so allow me the opportunity to present you with a chance to change my mind and further share your knowledge.

Let’s then drop the libel talk. Alex’s admission of guilt about taking a banned substance that he identified as “boli” protects them from some elements of legal action, but if you dive deeper into defamation law there is much more that could be debated. There is still an element of an unsubstantiated claim about the identity of the substance he tested positive for and the unsubstantiated (not YET proven) claim of Gene Orzo tipping off players, in specific, Alex

Rather, please explain to me how this can be considered ethical journalism?

rocketman, your assertion that, “anyone calling the media hypocrites are hypocrites themselves as they are defending cheats, liars and law breakers like A-Rod,” is both ignorant and incorrect. It is incorrect in that I both question the ethics of Roberts/Epstein/Sports Illustrated and I question the ethics of Alex Rodriguez. It is ignorant in that are uninformed as to my opinion and are making wild assumptions.

Oh and in response to another ignorant statement of yours, I am a student of journalism. I am curious, however, if you have any education if the field of journalism?

Matthew, journalists have an ethical responsibility to report the facts and validate their sources. According to David Krajicek, “The media may not influence what the public thinks, but it almost certainly influences what they about. We are the nexus at which public conversations about important issues take place.”

I found your grounds for anonymity based upon rape to be an interesting topic. Surely you do not equate what happened with Alex and Gene Orza to be akin to rape. I find that to be an apples and oranges comparison.

I would recommend reading the Journalism Ethics chapter in Covering Crime and Justice, specifically page four to ponder this precise topic.

I am willing to discuss this topic in a mature manner. I find it of great interest, with special considerations to my current studies.

If you would rather take this to a private level, feel free to email me:


Not necessarily, rocketman. Both parties are guilty.

The media unleashed an assault on a player and refuse to name their sources. That is non credible journalism.

What if I told your boss I had four sources that said you snort coke on the job because it gave you an extra energy boost to get your job done? What if he took that at face value and demoted you on the spot, or fired you? What if all of your work accomplishments were taken away without any evidence being shared?

That is essentially what happened EXCEPT that instead of Alex pushing it off, he admitted to it.

Yet, no one questions the little dutch boy with his finger in the dam. Are you aware that, if these people exist, four people broke the law by leaking that information?

If Alex would not have admitted to taking the mystery substance (which everyone assumes is a mixture of primoblan and testosterone, although that is not confirmed, except through an allegation) and sued Selena for libel, she would not have any court admissible evidence to defend herself?

And her and David Epstein’s mystery player who claims Gene Orzo tipped him off, and somehow contorting that to Alex being tipped off, would have to be identified, or that accusation could also be considered libel.

So before you go branding people as fools, you better be sure YOU know about journalism yourself, pal. Journalists have an obligation to report the facts and attributing accusations. What Roberts/Epstein presented was not journalism. It was sensationalism. Period.

They cheated by not having verifiable sources. Alex cheated by allowing himself to be injected with a performance enhancing substance. All of them are stupid for cheating.


Bryan, does your smart phone have a built in camera? Maybe we could get some snaps of those new batting jerseys and of Bernie and the gang.


These are the things I learned today:

The identity of A-Rod’s cousin is more important than the infamous 103; that the NY Daily News deemed it necessary to send a reporter to the DR to prove that steroids can be legally obtained over the counter without a prescription there; and that Joe Girardi and the YES network should be crapped on because, presumably, they’ll be covering for Alex during the season. (Unlike the former players at the MLB network, right?)

Hooray for sports journalism!!

Seriously, these hypocrites have proven themselves to be a disgrace, and make the hacks that populate political journalism look like upstanding statesman in comparison.


I’m curious to see what the shirts look like.



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