First full workout in the books

It was a beautiful sunny day here in Tampa, where the Yankees rushed onto the diamond as a complete unit for the first time late this morning.

With “New York, New York” playing on the loudspeakers, Johnny Damon was the first one out of the dugout. Derek Jeter got the biggest cheers and played catch with A-Rod. CC Sabathia high-stepped in center field. Brian Bruney doffed his cap. Mark Teixeira signed a few dozen autographs.

It’s finally Spring Training.

Yes, the attention was magnified on A-Rod. While taking ground balls on a practice field, there were six cameramen perched right on the gravel track around the field, their lenses pointed right at Rodriguez. Teixeira was scooping ground balls at first base, with no one there to capture his every movement. In any other camp – Boston? – Teixeira would have been the big story.

Andy Pettitte gave A-Rod’s press conference a thumbs-up, saying, “I felt like he got off his chest what he needed to.” Jeter said he was “disappointed” in A-Rod and actually deemed him the biggest distraction the Yankees have had to face so far, but said he’ll support him.

And Alex? Well, he was talked out, charging past reporters in the clubhouse while saying only, “Talk tomorrow, guys.”

Yep, good to have all the guys back in town – pretty much a normal day in Yankees camp. Quick notes as I empty my notebook:

— Hideki Matsui won’t play any outfield this spring, only DHing.
— Joe Girardi has decided to bat Teixeira third and A-Rod fourth.
— Melky Cabrera will skip the WBC to try to win the center field job.
— Francisco Cervelli has a lower respiratory infection.
— Damaso Marte’s hamstrings are stiff, but he’s still running.
— Humberto Sanchez has elbow tendinitis and will be set back about two weeks.
— The Yankees are not planning any intra-squad games this spring.


I miss Bobby. I don’t think the regret will set in until that West Coast road trip where we face Bobby and the Angels. Then the regret will really sink in. I was very vocal about resigning Bobby, but he really doesn’t have a spot now that Swisher and Nady are competing to perch for his spot. Swisher is a similar styled player, but doesn’t have the pop in his bat that bobby did. But that can change. I’m rooting for Swish in this competition.




Yeah, roshkoch, I agree: it is pretty brutal. Even my Yankee-hating buds are in awe. Ha ha!


It is great to have baseball back again !!! …

Alex Rodriguez had his press conference; said what had to be said, even though there still may be some questions that need to be answered; and, now, it’s time to move forward and just get ready for the new season !!! … I hope all these distractions will not affect A-Rod and the rest of the team, on and off the field !!! … Regarding the Yankees lineup, I think the Yankees should bat Teixeira behind Alex Rodriguez, either: (3) A-Rod; (4) Tex — or — (4) A-Rod; (5) Tex … I still don’t understand why the Yankees let Bobby Abreu walk away from the team. I think they will really miss his bat in the middle of the lineup, as Abreu is the perfect number three hitter for this Yankees team. The middle of the Yankees lineup should be: (3) Abreu; (4) A-Rod; (5) Tex !!! … The Angels made a great move signing Abreu, and he will fit perfectly in their lineup !!! … But, Bobby Abreu should have been re-signed by the Yankees … Not signing Abreu was a mistake; and, the Yankees will regret this move as the season advances !!! ……. Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L” …


Yeah, the Angels got a nice pickup with Bobby. I’ll miss those 100 RBIs. And I agree about the lineup: formidable.


Julia, he did:

I like the shuffle. Damon-Jeter-Tex-Alex-Matsui-Posada sounds like a BRUTAL lineup. I’m also keeping my eyes on the Angels lineup to see how Hunter/Abreu/Vlad work out. That is some nasty opposition.


Was Derek Jeter suppose to hold a press conference today?



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