On deck: Alex Rodriguez

Hope you weren’t looking to find updates on Kyle Anson or George Kontos today.

You can start the clock on the Alex Rodriguez countdown. At 1:30 p.m., A-Rod will settle  behind a table in the converted picnic tent behind the left field grandstand at George M. Steinbrenner Field, holding his first press conference since admitting to using banned substances. ESPN has been running this sound bite ad nauseum:

“I was young. I was stupid. I was naive. And I wanted to prove to
everyone that, you know, I was worth being one of the greatest players
of all time. And I did take a banned substance. You know, for that I’m
very sorry and deeply regretful.”

Can Rodriguez say more? What do the Yankees need him to say? What do the fans and media want to hear? These are all questions that will be answered, to some degree, by the time night falls upon Tampa.

It will be A-Rod’s prerogative if he wants to give a blow-by-blow account of his Texas years. He’s not under oath and the structure that the Yankees use to serve burgers during exhibition games is most certainly not a court of law. But there were questions dodged during the Gammons interview.

I do wonder about his comment to Gammons that it was “pretty accurate” that he used during 2001-03. Are we really sure he didn’t use anything with the Yankees? How about the Mariners? If A-Rod felt pressure to live up to the contract with Texas, is it out of the realm of possibility he felt pressure to get the contract in the first place?

I also find it difficult to believe that a player so meticulous about what he puts in his body – the man knows every calorie in a piece of grilled chicken – would just take a banned substance, no questions asked, without knowing what it was. These are just a couple of the thoughts that have rattled around since the ESPN interview.

So, what do you want to hear A-Rod say? What do you need to know from all this? Or are you just ready for Alex to hike up his socks and go play third base?


Gidday Mate,
Congratulations! A new toddler to bounce on either of your triple surgically repaired knees! I can’t even bear to watch those Australian Rules Football DVDs for the collisions!!!

Gotta be careful about complaining on BB! Some like to bitch and moan about it. They say it “ruins the blog for them.” To me it’s all the trash talking, but to each his own. I’ll probably be accused of whining again. Ha Ha.


All you ever hear is about what a great lawyer Boras is. Well he is stealing A-Rod’s money. A-Rod openly admitted to having his “cousin” bring in the drugs to the U.S. often called drug trafficing a federal law violation. The Feds are gonna be up his “donkey” for that statement. Does this guy think because he plays baseball and makes boo coo money that the federal laws don’t apply to him? I am sure his cousin was paid by A Roidriguez which makes it a conspiracy. I like the question of: if you were under tremendous pressure in Texas a perrenial loser, then how is it that you came to the media capitol of the world and felt no pressure to use? Answer he just changed to HGH like Clemens and Petitte and Sheffield. Sadly as much as A-Rod wants to put this behind him i am sure the Federal boys are gonna talk to him and ask such questions as did you provide or sell to any of your players in Texas which would make him a drug dealer. The Yankees should terminate his personal services contract for commission of numerous felonies…..


I as a person have let all the idiotic, stupid, boring, biased and uneducated views of keyswahli slide ride through to the catcher without comment, but the last one above is thee best ( worst ) of them all.

at least you have put your sexuality out there, not there is anything wrong with that. As for his ” stick ” I do no want to be that close.

Aussie Bryan Soon to be a grand dad for the first time


First, I just want to say that A-ROD has horrible PR people. He was not prepare at all and his answers were not as good. Like why wouldn’t someone on his PR team assume that the question of why he used it for 3 years was not going to be asked? Why not have an answer like, “Well, i took it because at the time it was not illegal and I felt it was helping me stay energized and ready to play under those hot Texas summers. Also, at the time, I was not the only player taking drugs, there are also 103 players that tested positive for the same test that I tested positive. So in honesty, I did not think it was right, but it was not illegal”…

The one thing AROD is doing is taking the blame for all possible 103 players and others that may have used it. I think that Player’s Union is prolly forcing him to take the blame for the sake of others. Like he said, he is not the face of this and can change the future, for other up and coming players.

Lastly, he said one thing that many probably did not catch. Baseball is a game of superticion. Hence, why don’t pitchers step on the foul line. He said, “The game if 50% mental and 50% physical”, if mentally he feels drinking water is better, his game will be just that, 50% better. We all know that during playoffs, arod’s mental game is about 2%. So I believe him in that perspective. Think about the Space Jam movie, when the cartoons thought they were drinking some kind of performance enhancing stuff, and in reality it was water…they perfomed better, why because all type of sports is about having the mentality that what you eat, drink, and do, is going to help you….it’s all in your head.


I was hoping someone would have asked him about what Tom (?) Hicks, the owner of the Rangers said about him.


Matsui will be able to play left field at least 100 games…trade Johnny Damon and Gardner. Sign Manny, will be signifigant power outage from Rodriguez…no PEDs to fall back on and Alex has a bad case of rabbit ears


Lets move on… what’s done is done. You’re never going to hear the truth anyway.


— Who are the top 5 prospects in the organization?


I’m ready to move on. I know that the press, and the haters have their own agenda, but our team has many interesting question marks that need to be answered–Will the big-ticket new guys CC, AJ, and Tex be comfortable in the Bronx? Where is Joba really needed? Who’ll be playing CF? Will Nady and/or Swisher make Opening Day?–and I’m gonna concentrate on that. Cheers to all and hopefully this year the no. on Joe Girardi’s jersey becomes a reality.


Well, good interview, he answered everything as honestly as possible ( it seems ), though he did dodge one question: what the effects were and how he took steroids. Really no big deal, because his numbers
( which indicate performance ) haven’t changed from then until now, so they probably didn’t have of an effect on him ( Primobolan is one of the weakest PEDs out there ). That just goes to show how much of the game is mental, and how A-Rod took or confided in a little bottle of magic that took all the pressure off him. It’ll tell you one thing, it’s never good to have too much or too little, having enough is all you need ( words of the bible ). It’s safe to say A-Rod had too much, and currently has too much, and it has led to his downfall.

Money can make you do some horrible things you wouldn’t do in fair judgement. It’s safe to say I don’t envy these rich guys.


I think A Rod did well, he gave some more details and answered the questions seeming honestly. Obviously he prepared the answers beforehand, but he made it look honest.

Anyway, I said it a while back, and I’ll say it now, I don’t care about all this, Í just want to see the Yanks win the World Series. A Rod is a big part of the team, and he needs to produce to make this happen.


From here in Australia and looking and listening very carefully I was VERY impressed with his sincerity and his poignant honesty. He looked at every journalist straight in the eye and answered his or her question in a very forthright manner and his eyes were very honest. Well done and well said. A very impressive interview.
A major part of my business is to judge people on what they say and how honest and how sincere they are. This man I DO believe.

Aussie Bryan


The “talking heads” on MLB Network are all debating this right now – what will A-Rod say and will he sound sincere. They all seem to like David Ortiz’s comments about a year band and a salary hit. We shall all see shortly.



The best thing for A-Rod to do is to answer all the questions honestly. The truth is all they want anyway, just give it to them, it’ll set him free; Now if he conceals certain answers and dodges some questions in particular, the media is going to haunt him all season until he answers these questions straight up. It will affect his season if that happens, having to answer yet another ‘roids question for the 70th time. I don’t think A-Rod should be gunning for any MVPs or anything like that… he should do the exact opposite. I think the only thing that can relieve A-Rod of his bad reputation and of this constant media cloud that shadows him is just to fade into the darkness.

Show up everyday, be a good team mate, play hard; the right way; Go eat, hang out for a couple hours with a few of the guys and hit the hotel; call it a day y’know?

It’s because he has won all of these MVPs and Silver Sluggers and glorious accolades that the expectations on him are so high! He needs to humble down. Unfortunately, he’s so obsesses with greatness and his image that it has cause his own downfall. Maybe he’ll learn from this blow.


According to Gammons: The biggest question to be answered is where did he get the substances. GNC does not sell them. Answering this would open him to testifying in from on a grand jury and in a trial against likely against people not yet known to the Government.


What else does Alex need to say? I understand it’s a bigger deal than most guys because everyone thought A-Rod would pass Bonds in career HR’s and the taint of Bonds’ steriod driven record would be erased….but, what else can we really ask of the guy? He’s remorseful, has not (apparently) used steriods over the last 5 seasons, he made a mistake like the other 103 guys not named, leave him be! Be sure that he apologizes to his teammates, the fans, and then let him go about his business.

Go Yankees,


On another note, I am really impressed with how Matsui is moving around. Although, he is not running the bases, outfield could be an option and if it is, Damon could end up back in center.


Would Arod feel more at ease if Roger Clemens poked his head in the tent?


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