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Yanks have A-Rod’s back Tuesday

Prop up the big tent, because the Alex Rodriguez three-ring circus is in town. The Yankees are pledging to support A-Rod’s 1:30 p.m. press conference in numbers — Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera, CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett and Mark Teixeira are all planning to be there, as will Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman.

Teixeira’s thoughts only on baseball

OK, I had no idea what ‘Max & Ruby’ are, but a few of the beat writers with young children exchanged knowing glances. That’s what Mark Teixeira has had on his television screen instead of continuing coverage of the A-Rod fiasco. Of more interest to Yankees fans – Tex says he’s going to get off to a quick start and have a huge year.


Max & Ruby under steroid investigation*




maybit’s just me but i feel that A-rod doesnot deserve his money…it seems so much of whatgot him his contract now is in question…
it now seems like A-rod may have started taking steroids in as early as high school…is this why he is the best player in baseball…?
When A-rod was given a 10 year 275 million dollar deal with Home Run bonuses taking the contract to 305 million…all the people i spoke with thought it was ridiculous…now with what has come out about Arod’s steroid use it seems border line insane on the Yankees part…and border line criminal on Arod’s…if he has used HGH since 2004(a PED that MLB does not test for) and that inhances his abilities then all his big contracts and awards are worth nothing…
i guess i am mostly upset because i love baseball so much and i’m a big Yankee fan…and i love the way they go out and get the big player…but i think sometimes…too many times they are foolish with their money…i’m not so upset with A-rod…because he surcame to the desire of money and fame…but it was the Yanks who wanted him to be soooo big…for all eyes to be on him…as he went for the Homerun record…they invisioned Arod braking the HR record and maybe even going to the World Series all in the same year…but they didn’t think to investagate his backround or to even hardnose negogiate and put in provisions that would allow them to void the contract or at cut some of his pay…at the very least the homerun bonuses if there was a scandal in regards to performance inhancing drugs…after the Mitchell Report and the crash and burn of Barry Bonds…the Yanks should have know that if Arod was to be fingered in a (PED) scandal it would have many negative ramifications…
in addition to that i just thought it was silly to give a 32 year old 10 years…and why would any organization pay a player who will be well past his prime for the majority of his contract years (35-36 to age 41)more than he recieved in his prime…despite the fact that he will probably brake the HR record…it just seems like bad business…to have a player declining in production year after year with the biggest contract in sports…why did they need to give him 10 years he had 518 HR’s when he opted out of his 252 mill contract…the HR record is 762 and nobody wanted Barry Bonds…which means Arod only needed 32 Hr’s for 8 years to brake the why not give him 8 years…a man making 27.5 million a year is expected to hit a minmum of 40 a year if healthy and for that much money at that age you would expect him to be an Iron Man…that’s part of the reason he is getting soooooo much…and if you think he is going to get hurt and need more years to brake the record then why does he deserve so much money…? it kinda made sense to give him 10 years 252 million in his prime but it just seems stupid now…and that was before i absolutely knew he was taking steroids…because i believe he has taken them before and after his admitted 2001-2003 time peroid…i could be wrong…and i hope that i am but he just doesn’t seem honest when i look into his eyes he seems to be carring a heavy weight and many ghost…but like i said i’m not so much upset with him as i am with the Yankees for not doing more to protect themselves…players in many cases come from poor backrounds and they seek to become rich and famous in a very competitive field and when you look around…people in power are lying cheating and stealing all over the world…so i would think someone from a more modest monetary backround will find ways to justify cheating in their minds…but it is up to teams to protect themselves so if they sign a player and something goes wrong they don’t suffer as much…also the Yankees need to take a page from the Red Sox book…because they need to know when to let players walk…to set parameters that make sense…and if a player doesn’t agree then to let that player go…because it keeps a team flexible so they can make more moves in other places…and because the Yankees didn’t it seems like they will have a problem for 9 more years…
The Yankee Fanatic…


How funny you mentioned a circus, Bryan. I just posted about that very thing!


Max & Ruby are a couple of characters from a series of childrens books.



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