Hear the difference

From the press box, it didn’t look like a whole lot – Jorge Posada and Tony Pena playing catch at distances of 120 and 150 feet, the Yankees’ catcher tossing soaring rainbows into short center field.

Joe Girardi was on the ground level and said there was something special about the way it sounded – and that’s a good reason why the Yankees are enthused about Posada’s recovery.

“You have to have something on it to be able to do that,” Girardi said. “We’re basically a month away from him having to throw in a game. If he continues to progress at the level that he has been, I feel really good about it.”

One other note from yesterday — Andrew Brackman, all six-feet and 10 inches of him, threw in the bullpen and drew some curious eyes and solid reviews. Girardi said that Brackman’s fastball and split-changeup had good mechanics and he was showing a little less hesitation than in previous sessions.

Off to the clubhouse. More later…

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I’m glad for the Yankees’ fans that Posada’s recovery appears to be on track.



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