In the house at ‘The Boss’

PIC-0620.jpgHello from the press box at George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, here after to be referred to as “The Boss.” We’re all anxiously awaiting Joe Girardi’s first media availability of the spring, as the Yankees’ coaches are currently huddled downstairs going over scouting reports on the pitchers due in camp tomorrow.

Fans showing up for Spring Training games this year will see a new addition – electronic scoreboards hoisted above the Y A N K E E S letters down the third and first base lines, the same type that were at the old Yankee Stadium.

In fact, they’re showing some of the same videos as they work out the kinks: “The Power of the Stache” just flashed up there for Jason Giambi.

It was another relatively quiet morning over at the Minor League complex, though A.J. Burnett reported and played catch with Brian Bruney in his first official actions as a Yankee. Burnett didn’t stop to chat today.

Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes and Dan Giese were among those throwing bullpen sessions, while Tony Pena and Kevin Long ran the drills for position players. Jorge Posada, Derek Jeter, Nick Swisher and Shelley Duncan were in the cages taking their swings.

Brian Cashman held court with the media, essentially saying that A-Rod (yep, that guy) will have a supportive clubhouse atmosphere once he does report. One of the points that stands out to me was Cashman’s response when asked if he believes – as Rodriguez stated in the ESPN interview – that all of his seasons in New York have been clean.

“I’m not here to represent that I’m confident about anything on anybody,” Cashman said. “I think we’ve lived through a tough stretch that shattered that confidence level. If you asked me that question five years ago, I’d be giving a different answer. I’ve been educated quite a bit, unfortunately.”


Hi, Bryan,
I’m really enjoying the blog. Keep up the good work.
Im in the Tampa area with my son and wondering when workouts begin and end, both in the main field and over at the minor league complex. Also, will Sunday be any different than other days.
Hoping you can help. We’d like to head on over, see the workout, maybe catch a picture or an autograph if possible, and wanted to know what time we should plan on going


OMG! Did I whine again? Who defends my right to say when I have had “enough of the doom and gloom.” At least I only used six words so I didn’t “waste much space.” Yanks4 used 33.

I told you I saw Montero play and to check the scouting report. Yet you challenge me anyway. If you need my sources, where the hell are yours? It’s a crime the way you beat down anyone who disagrees with you or the other pessimists. What you lack in quality you sure make up in quantity. If you and your crew want to be “bullies” and overwhelm the optimists that’s fine. There are some who have been driven away by that. I’m sure Bryan likes to see that. But you won’t intimidate me! Not by a long shot!!! Those of you who don’t like it………TOUGH.

Glad to hear Teix has some foot speed. But I still wonder if he has enough for other than RF at Yankee stadium. And does he have a RF arm? And for many the pessimism is equally insufferable. If you want more “respect” from me you’ll have to post more often. Otherwise stop laying in the grass just reading. If my test of your E-mail shows it’s real I’ll have the Montero report sent to you also!!!

If this all comes across as nasty, I was unjustly provoked!!!
I’m not known as Mr. Nice Guy!!! Too bad.


Montero does not have enough foot speed to play OF and I doubt Teixeira does either! Check with King for the latest scouting report. Enough of your doom and gloom!!!
Give me your E-mail and i’ll send you the latest Montero scouting report. My E-mail is below


That’s odd, it blurred out SS with an ‘s.

Also, what club got the best bargain this off-season in regards to the price of a player and their talent? The past two signings have blown me away, particularly Abreu’s. 5mm for a 100 rbi guy is nuts. Dunn was quite cheap along with Pat Burrell and Andruw Jones (for the Rangers, not quite the Dodgers). I wonder how cheap the Athletics will get either Cabrerra or Hudson for the middle of their infield.


Though I may be making the assumption that he stays healthy and produces in pinstripes, there is no evidence to suggest otherwise. He has played under pressure two years in a row while playing for three different teams and has managed to stay away from the DL starting in at least 146 games in his 6 year career all but once– in 07′ he suffered a mid-season minor injury. OF seems like a bad fit as well, he would become another Dunn type fielder. It seems as if Montero is a perfect candidate for the DH spot– if Romine wasn’t in the picture, and one of the two may fall between the cracks, it would be a different story. Besides, knowing the Yanks, the outfield will probably be all shored up by then with either in-house talent (Jackson, Cabrerra, Gardner) or free-agents by the time Montero cracks the majors.

Yes, I agree that clubs often move players around to make room for talented prospects–see Michal Young; however, 1B is not SS (meaning that a position player’s life span at 1B is much longer than ****’s). Not to mention the $180 Eight-year contract that the Yanks signed Mark to for his bat and his golden glove.


Teix will be able to play gold-glove caliber 1B for the large majority (if not its entirety) of his contract; he will be 36 when he ends his contract. Montero should break camp with the yanks by the time he is about 22-23 so Teix (barring a trade) will be around for a few more seasons. Moving the gold glove first basemen to make room for a potent bat with no position would not make sense, particularly when the DH is available.


While A-Rod be holding a press conference down in Florida and be taking questions from reporters?



Robert, I hear that Montero is not a good defensive catcher.



The key word is was. Right now the most likely position for Montero is catcher. To my knowledge Teixeira has only played 3B and 1B. It’ll be interesting to see if he gets any games in the OF in the near future!


Are you available to replace Selig?


So Bud Selig is threating to punish A-Rod for him admitted use of PED’s. It goes without saying, this is a message from Selig to other players who are considering whether to admit usage or not. He’s telling them not to and continue to sweep it under the rug.

This guy is such a hypocrite it’s unbelieveable. BOTH MLB and the players union knew what the 2003 test results were and Selig-knowing A-Rod tested positive twice still APPROVED the awarding of the MVP to A-ROD.

Second, if he is as angry as he’s trying to let on, why doesn’t he work with the government and ensure the entire list of 104 names is released-then he can be angrier.

Third, why should A-Rod be the only one punished-although Selig can’t punish him anyways since there were no punishments agreed to at the time of infraction.

I think Selig stepped into it with this action. I think he just infuriorated the legislators enough with this bull s. h. i. t. release, they will force the list public and make Selig clean up the game.

I can’t imagine such an idiot being the commissioner of MLB.


Romine also has a better throwing arm and is more nimble. In the four Charleston games I attended last year (at Lakewood Blue Claws) Montero and Romine each caught two games and was DH the other two. Montero didn’t look as bulky as I expected from that “growing to big to catch’ tag I heard two years ago. Since he is now listed at the same size as the Orioles Wieters, maybe that will not happen.


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