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Torre.jpgJoe Torre’s book comes out today, with the former Yankees manager touring the tri-state area on a media blitz to promote “The Yankee Years.” We’ve all seen and heard so much about this book already, and I’m looking forward to finally getting a copy in my hands and reading it cover to cover to accurately judge it.

What about you? Is this the type of thing that you’ll pick up on the first day, or are you content to wait it out? I’ve seen on some of the blogs that diehard Yankees fans are vowing not to pay for the book, and plan to read it from their local libraries. Others still are sick of all this “he-said, he-said” stuff and are just ready to see the boys on the field in Tampa.

There’s something to be said for that, as I look out the window and see yet another coating of snow to be cleared from my car. But before we can get to sunny Florida, there are a few more hurdles – and one is the Torre book. Hey, it could be worse. We could be talking about medical waste in Brian McNamee’s basement.

I’ll be at the Barnes & Noble at 555 Fifth Ave. this afternoon at 12:30 p.m. to see what – if anything – the skipper has to say. Then later it’s off to Pleasantville (New York, not the movie) to check in with Brian Cashman. Busy day.

By the way, if you’re in the camp that won’t read Torre’s text — or you just want a refreshing change of pace — I have a suggestion for you.

Jane Heller was nice enough to send me a copy of her just-released book, “Confessions of a She-Fan,” and many of you would relate. It’s a look at the ’07 season through the eyes of an extremely passionate die-hard fan, the kind that live and die with every win and loss. Know anybody like that? 


So I read on ESPN.com that Wang threw 27 pitches off a mound today and that everything went well. This is good news for both Wang and the Yankees. Wang will be the best #3 pitcher in the game if he gets back to where he was before he hurt his foot.


I won’t buy the “The Yankee Years” and spend my hard earned money supporting the drama that Torre has created. I honestly have no interest in reading it. The only thing I care about here is whether or not it affects the team’s psyche. That’s it. I know there are a lot of fans and media still backing Torre, but I feel this is nothing more than a classless move and a cheap shot at the front office and ownership.

Bob Ruffolo


I want to get both of these books and read them. I look forward to also reading more of your future blogs!

~King of Cali


I copped a copy without a signature.


Thanks for the shout out for my book, Bryan. Much appreciated.



Although I can’t afford Torre’s book right now, I do have interest in reading what he has to say after all the hype that the public is making. I’ve heard great things about Jane’s book though!


Joe Torre I know you were there and now you are upset. Let us Yankee fans think? Did the New york Yankees make Joe Torre was he not riding along after his previous managerial jobs. Joe cool your heels bro, you will remember were you put your Viagra (manny’s got em).


I am a Red Sox fan, and I am thinking about reading it.



I’ll probably buy it and read it but it seems that I read the most juicest stories already because every one posted what was in the book already online.

Sean Serritella


I’m not going to read it anytime soon. I can’t afford to buy it. I’ll try to check it out from the library in the near future.
Re Jane Heller’s book, great suggestion, Bryan. I read it, loved it and reviewed it on my own blog:


I’ll admit it – I picked up a copy of it this morning at my local Barnes and Noble (got all my errands done early before the snow gets worst today!) I’m curious to see what is fact and what is fiction about what I have heard so far.



I personally am just not a big fan of autobiography/memoir type books, so I’m not going to read Torre’s book. I do wonder if this affects the Dodgers more than the Yankees anyway, if there are any personal statements from the players in the book the Dodger players may not feel they have their manager’s confidence. That would surely hurt team morale.

It may intrest you New Yorkers to know that London is incapable of dealing with snow. Almost the entire transport network shut down yesterday after heavy snowfall, but a friend of mine from the big apple insisted snow like this would have been a non-issue in Manhattan. Anyway, I had lecures cancelled yesterday and today giving me a 4-day weekend so I’m not complaining.


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