Tony Pena’s award sells on eBay

When Tony Pena was interviewing for the Yankees’ managerial position last winter, we wrote several times that he won the 2003 American League Manager of the Year award while piloting the Kansas City Royals.

It didn’t help him beat out Joe Girardi, and apparently Pena has decided to part with it. eBay user blueshirts1199 brought it home with a winning bid of $200 (plus $15 shipping and handling).

The item was sold by a collectibles company up in Bourne, Mass. – Red Sox country. The description listed it as “one of a kind” and “heavy,” with a “few small nicks on the edges” but otherwise mint condition. Can’t wait to ask Tony about this in Spring Training.


I seems kind of sad that he sold it.



Not much of a winning bid.

Sean Serritella


Now, why would he do that?! Wow, something REALLY bad must have happened that second year when he quit suddenly like that.


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