Yankees in the WBC

Here is the list of players from the Yankees organization on WBC provisional rosters, as released tonight by Major League Baseball. There are 13 in all:

United States: Derek Jeter

Dominican Republic: Alex Rodriguez, Melky Cabrera, Robinson Cano, Damaso Marte, Edwar Ramirez, Jose Veras

Mexico: Alfredo Aceves, Jorge Vazquez

Francisco Cervelli

Jahdiel Santamaria

Kai Liu, Zhenwang Zhang


Bpark, I meant Matsui in the outfield haha. I also agree that Posada wouldn’t be a gold glove caliber player in the OF.


After Nady, Bruney is up, Cabrera to be non tendered?


Nady got a payday that seems to end Pettitte’s Yankees career. Pettitte is close to re-signing with the Astros for less than the 10 the Yankees offered.


Posada in the OF? With that arm.
I read Bryan’s article and Bernie’s comments indicate he is completating playing again.
Fuentes has a 2 year deal. I thought there may be a player option on the 2nd year. He almost signed here and proposed to us he would setup and then close after Rivera retired. His agent said they will continue to monitor the Yankees situation and coincidentally his deal with the Angels expires when Rivera’s deal does also. He would be here now if he hadn’t asked for closer money to setup the next 2 years.


IF Bernie wanted to play and he could still man the field I’d think he would take either a part-time role or a spot in the outfield not as spacious as center; also, he would probably be signed to either a minor league deal or an incentive ladent package. I heard something about Fuentes being able to opt out after a couple years. About Posada, they would probably eat Sui’s salary and deal him to a clup who will be in a need for a DH-type or test him in the outfield before Posada would become a pinch-hitter; remember, Posada has three years remaining on his deal. I’m not worried though, I have complete faith in Jorge that he will show up healthy and ready to call 130 games.


Johnny Knightman left off the USA roster?
Roger Clemens left off too? j/k.
Bernie could well beat Gardner out in center but would he hold up and how much would he cost?
Is it true Fuentes can opt out of Anaheim contract depending on our situation after 2009?
I am going to get flack for this but if Posada can’t catch he’s a pinch hitter, an a very expensive one. There is no option at 1B, Miranda will get more games there than Posada. DH will be divided between Sui and Damon.


I’m looking forward to the start of the WBC! What a gathering of talent it will be.



Is Manny playing in WBC. You guys know I want Manny in a Yankee uniform hitting before Cano. No faith in Posada, Hideki and the rest. They are all had good years, but the gig is up. I still can’t get over the “Phillies winning the World Series”. As bad as the Yankees were last year, the”Phillies”. I am in shock.


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