Posada may be aiming for WBC

As of this moment, the only Yankees players committed to the World Baseball Classic are Derek Jeter (U.S.) and Alex Rodriguez (Dominican Republic). But that may be about to change … at least if Jorge Posada has his way.

A couple of reports out of Puerto Rico insist Posada wants to play for their WBC team and is aiming to do so. It seems unlikely the Yankees would permit him to play coming off surgery and with CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett joining the pitching staff.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have Posada healthy in camp so he can help the Yankees during the regular season? Ivan Rodriguez is ready and willing to catch for Puerto Rico. You can probably rule Mariano Rivera out of pitching for Panama as well – the Yankees have never been all too keen on WBC participation.

Here is the translated text from an Associated Press report:

SAN JUAN – Yankees catcher Jorge Posada has every intention of playing for Team Puerto Rico in the upcoming World Baseball Classic and has begun training for the tournament, said his father, Jorge Posada Sr., on Tuesday.

Posada Sr., a veteran coach and scout, told the Associated Press that his son trains every day at Legends Fields in Tampa, Florida, the Yankees’ spring training home.

“Jorge already signed the participation agreement and trains every day at the team’s complex in Tampa,” he said.

Posada is continuing his rehab program after shoulder surgery, which affected his playing time last season.

“He feels fine and wants to play for Puerto Rico”, assured Posada Sr.

However, Jason Zillo, the Yankees’ Media Relations director, told Primera Hora, a Puerto Rican newspaper, that the team would not give Posada permission to participate.

“He is injured and will not play,” Zillo told the daily.

Posada was limited to 51 games last season in which he posted an average of .268 with 22 RBIs, 18 runs scored and three homeruns.

The Yankees also opposed Posada’s participation in the inaugural WBC in 2006. The catcher did not play for his country on that occasion because he was hoping to receive a contract extension and did not want to jeopardize his chances.

Meanwhile, Enrique Cruz, a member of the organizing committee for the event in Puerto Rico, said that “what is holding back the Yankees is related to the insurance policy that covers players coming off an injury.”

“The team and the player may give their opinions, but all opinions can be appealed. We are taking the process step by step, but Jorge will be included in the initial list of 45 players that we will reveal this week,” said Cruz to AP.


So if Posada cannot catch, does he DH? No 1B opening.


I say we keep Nady just BECAUSE he’s an FA next season. He’s in a contract year which SHOULD mean that he’ll throw up contract-year numbers. He’s really not costing us that much. Let Swisher go. He’s costing too much to ride the bench.


Could be a mixed bag…

First thought is… if Jorge isn’t physically ready to do SOMETHING at this point in the way of playing or preparing to play, then what is skipping the WBC really going to accomplish besides another month of non-play? It sure seems he’s working out and doing some of conditioning, which is normal and most likely part of his rehab to boot.

Secondly… if Jorge plays in the WBC, we’ll know by the time it’s wrapping up whether or not Jorge is going to be squatting behind the plate for any significant amount of time this year… meaning if he’s not ready to go in February, what makes any of us think he’d be ready in March and going into April? This gives us a chance to see Jorge in action and guage his recovery, allowing the Yankee brass to look at other options sooner if Jorge proves to not be able to take his spot back behind the plate. At least that’s how I’m viewing it.

Alternatively, if he just continues to rehab (whatever that limits him to) only and not get out there and test his body before ST, then we may not really see Jorge play to potential or ‘hard’ as it were… like you probably will in the WBC.

The issue about possibly being injured; well that possibility exists no matter what; you can get injured trying to get to the damn park to play, while playing or any other time for that matter… and if you’re injured while playing, would it really make anyone feel better if say Jorge was ‘injured’ in ST rather than the WBC?

I think the guy needs to get back on the field… and get some reps. If he’s healed to the best potential his body can; then what’s the point of him not getting back out there and getting his timing down and basically getting back into the swing of things? Eventually you have to get him back out there, so the only real question to me seems to be; is he recovered or isn’t he (enough to play)?


The reason those players are allowed to play is because they in great shape they get themselves 100% for the season every year and aren’t prone to injury. The same players can get injured in spring training as the WBC, it’s pitchers that are worrisome the most because they’re pitching a lot more intense innings right out of the chute. The WBC is great it produces great stories and it pits teams like Cuba and the US potentially against each other and if anybody’s not familiar with how bad the Cubans want to beat the Americans in baseball you should look into it. It makes things really interesting, because no place else in the world can you see some of the talent you see during the WBC, and for players like Dice-K etc. it was a MLB preview for American audiences. I can understand the Yanks keeping Mo (he’s aging), Joba, Posada and those players off the WBC rosters because they’re injury liabilities and if they’re going to get hurt you’d rather it happen while they’re producing wearing a pinstripe jersey than a WBC one, but injuries can happen any place any time we Yankee fans should be familiar with that after 4 years with Pavano. I personally love the WBC and can’t wait for it to start.


oops, left out can fulfill……


It makes no sense for Posada to play the WBC. He should rehab @ 100% so he fulfill his obligation to the Yanks. W/ that being said, why are Jeet & Stat-Rod approved to play?


I don’t like the idea of any Yankees taking part in the WBC. They could get hurt.
Sean Serritella


I’m sure that Posada would consider it an honor to play for Puerto Rico, but I think being healthy on opening day is probably more important right now.



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