Pavano: I had to pick myself up

Interesting comments out of Cleveland today, where Carl Pavano greeted the local media after signing an incentive-laden one-year contract with the Indians:

“When you’re down, you expect your organization to pick you up, not
kick you when you’re down,” Pavano said. “I’ve had to pick myself up
quite a few times the last four years.”

There are those that would argue the Yankees gave Pavano too much slack at times – despite everything that went on, Brian Cashman was always one of Pavano’s most staunch defenders. Mike Mussina, not so much.

Regardless, look for Pavano to have a decent bounce-back year. His velocity wasn’t there late in the season but he pitched OK for the Yankees – enough to prove he was worth taking a flyer on to Indians GM Mark Shapiro. Believe it or not, Pavano will be in the building when the new Yankee Stadium opens on April 16, and could even pitch in that first series.

“That would be exciting,” Pavano said. “There would be a lot of irony
in that. Those are the fun parts of the game. It’s kind of ironic that
I saw the last game in old Yankee Stadium and now I’ll get to see the
first game at new Yankee Stadium. I’ve been blessed with some
incredible things I’ve seen and been given through baseball, and I
appreciate it every day.”


matthew, totally agree with your assessment. Worst free agent signing EVER! Saw him pitch his first year in KC and the guy was overweight and terrible on the mound. He bilked the Yankees and they owe him NOTHING!!!


Pavano was a decent pitcher who made a boat-load in free-agency and was rewarded for screwing over his last club by getting a 1-year deal with Cleveland….. If Pavano was as classy as some people make him out to be, he would have agreed to come back to the Yankees for the league MINIMUM just to TRY to make it up to them for the past 4 years…..


Nationals interested in Nady and Swisher-Bill Ladson


I love Pete Abraham’s name for Pavano……the Great American Idle!


Over the last four years, the Yankees Organization always “picked-up the check” in their dealings with Carl Pavano !!! … And, the Yankee players picked-up Carl Pavano, each and every time they went out onto the field over the last four years, without Carl Pavano contributing any value to the Yankees Organization !!! … In Carl Pavano’s world, the return on the $40 Million that the Yankees gave him, produced only 26 games pitched, that resulted in a 9-8 won/loss record, and an ERA of 5.00 !!! … That all adds up to: $1.5 Million per game; or, $4.4 Million per win !!! … I hope Carl Pavano stays healthy, and doesn’t suffer any more injuries throughout the rest of his baseball career, as we always wish all players stay well … But, no one can fault the Yankees Organization in the whole Pavano situation … They did all they could do, to work around Carl Pavano’s schedule during his recoveries from his injuries, including, always “picking-up-the-check”, by paying Pavano every dollar of his $40 Million contract !!! … Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L” …


I say let Pavano pitch opening day for the Tribe. Our new lineup will eat him alive.


Matt, Bryan, Golf and others:
ESPN keeps track over QUALITY starts defined by them. Pettitte (69) ranks #2 over the past 3 years, 2nd only to John Smoltz (71), ahead of Johan Santana (68). This is an important point when you consider the lack of run support Pettitte has received. I saw Pettitte get mad in 2007, something I have never seen.

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I still think Carl Pavano is a

I mean, what class! What dignity! What a great team mate!

We love Carl!

Brought to you by Carl’s Junior.

I hope he gets LIT UP and goes 6-17.


I’m disappointed in you Bryan. You didn’t post two of the most important quotes:

“I failed for four years in New York, and the perception hasn’t been that great, and I understand that. To have a team like Cleveland step up to the plate, how could I ask for anything more?”


“New York’s a great place to play,” he said. “There’s no reason for me to focus on what happened to me, because that’s all behind me. I’m not holding any grudges. You just keep moving forward.”

Folks, some of you may know that I simply can’t stand the Man-boy Pavano, but I think he sounds pretty gracious here and he is owning up to his failures in NY.

I didn’t read one slanderous comment towards the Yankees. The opening comment about “being down” is negligible and this whole story is a non-issue, in my opinion. Bronx Is Burning, read the rest of the article. it’s totally benign.

Hey! Maybe the Yankees have their Charles Nagy-like punching bag now! Let’s see them knock his gluteous maximus all over the new ball park!


after pavano gets what like 40 mil from the yanks for basically sitting on his *** he wants to bash them like that.
I think he should be thankful and just keep it moving.
shut your mouth pavano…


Good luck! The Yankees might need it against him.



With our luck, Pavano is gonna pitch a no hitter in that game.


Hey, if he could start Opening Day ’07, anything is possible!


If Carl Pavano wins the opening game at Yankee stadium then clearly the new place is cursed.


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