Nady could move over Swisher

We knew when the Yankees signed Mark Teixeira that it would displace Nick Swisher, who had the honor of being their first baseman for about six weeks without even getting to put on a uniform (though he at least did speak on a conference call with reporters and conveyed how excited he is to be in New York).

It appears that Brian Cashman is inclined to stand with Swisher on the ’09 Yankees at the expense of Xavier Nady, who was supposed to be Bobby Abreu’s replacement in right field.

Though sources indicate that the Yankees have received calls on both Swisher and Nady, the club would prefer to deal Nady, who is due for salary arbitration and is under control only through 2009. Swisher – acquired from the White Sox in November in a five-player deal – has approximately $21 million remaining over the next three seasons, plus a club option for 2012.

The Yankees don’t see Swisher as a center field candidate – that is expected to be settled between Brett Gardner and Melky Cabrera in the spring – but like his ability to play first base and the outfield corner positions. Nady has played some first base in the past but he is not nearly as proficient as Swisher there.


People think that the Yankees shouldn’t trade away young talent especially the pitching….and i agree if there is a clearly special player…but i don’t agree if they can make trades for young players who are already established who are cheap…and that brrings me to the question of getting outfielders for an aging outfield in it’s final contract year…if the Yankes don’t trade for young outfielders they will be forced to buy them in free agency…in every case they wil be or older free agents looking for 5 or more years…and it is guaranteed they will show significant decline during their time with the Yankees and will be…like always overpaid…
if the Yankees at least make a deal for a player in his mid twenties they know what they are getting and that will be at least there money’s worth…
fans keep saying we need to build up the farm…and i am in agreement with that….but a trade or two for some young outfield talent…which is where the farm is weak…just makes sense to me…
when the Yankees get a Jeter or Posada in the farm…let me know…but remeber the draft picks of the 90’s were much higher than the ones the Yanks have recieved over the last 4 5 or even 10 years…a over 8th pick (Jeter) is probably not going to be around at 28 29 or 30…not without injury question marks charater issues or both…who also want big signing bonuses…so if the Yanks have to give up one or two good pitchers and instead invest in John Lackey or Rich Harden…Provided he stays healthy this year…seems doable and more cost effective…
The Yanke Fanatic


Matt, I’m all for keeping our young players and staying “in house” as much as possible. I was saying I’m sick of seeing our young talent developed into good players elsewhere and I don’t want to see that done with Hughes.


First I don’t think the rest of baseball will allow us to get Holliday, somebody probably will overpay just to see us not get him after this off season (We’ve spent more than the rest of baseball combined). Second CC’s contract may not be “long term” as he has an opt out after 3 years so moving Hughes is not a great idea unless we get pitching in return. Who know three years down the line but I’d rather see Hughes develop and be our top notch pitcher than watch him develop elsewhere, doesn’t that get old to you after a while?


Since we all know the Yankees are going after Matt Holiday next season…they should be looking to get cheap young talent who they can have for a couple years in other outfield positions…and maybe it should be in right instead of center…
The Yankee Fanatical suggestion for trades are…..
Phil Hughes/Nick Swisher (with cash) and Melky Cabrera and another prospect pitcher if neccessary for:Mil Brewers (RF)Cory Hart…and Mark Melancon/Christian Garcia/Austin Jackson and Xavier Nady for:Ari. Diamondbacks (CF)Chris Young.
or the Yankees could offer: Phil Hughes/Mark Melancon/Austin Jackson/Xavier Nady/Nick Swisher (with cash) and Yuan Miranda for: both Connor Jackson-who could play right- and (CF)Chris Young of the Ari. Diamondbacks…or how about a fat package for Alex Rios/ Nick Markakis or Curtis Granderson(Detroit is an aging team in many positions and they have given away alot of young pitching over the last few seasons so they maybe open to something worth their while)


it seems to me since that Yankees have an abundance of pitching and one expendable 1st base prospect in Yuan Miranda plus a tradeable player in Swisher…along with 3 expiring contracts that the Yankees can give some cash compensation for in a trade…with all that in mind the Yankees should be aggressive in making a trade or trades suggesstions instead of just fielding offers…
if they think outside the box maybe they could pry some of the other teams young outfield talent away or get a top short stop prospect…this would require giving up Phil Hughes and maybe one other good prospect like Mark Melancon…but with the long term deals that they have made with Sabathia and Burnett…and with other decent free agent talent out there they could find short term deals that are cheaper than Pettitte to fill the last spot in the rotation…while Andrew Brackmon Humberto Sanchez Ian Kennedy and Alfredo Aceves come along…


Hey mm440,

If you actually read what I said, I meant we needed a shortstop prospect.

Tell me, how many 40 year olds play 150 games a year at SS? We have, at best, a few years before we move Jeter from short. And considering teams do not let their franchise shortstops go easily, not even the Marlins moved Hanley Ramirez, the Yankees need to obtain a top flight prospect at that postion.

At least, I believe that the Yankees need to obtain a prospect at short. You clearly disagree. Fine. And if insulting me makes you feel cool, so be it.


HOLY CRAP!!! I swear, this is getting worse and worse every freaking minute.

Shortstop our “greatest need”???

Is this the same guy or is it possible that there are so many morons in this world? Why is every idiot with a fruit fly up their rectum posting on this blog lately?

Can some one explain to me how Short stop is the “greatest” need for the Yankees? And use logic, not that other crud you try to call “intelligence”.

This is getting annoying. I mean, if you don’t have anything intelligent to say, please, shut the EF up! a7896870978, please, just throw your keyboard out of your window or just install Vista ultimate so it crashes your computer and so you can never post here again. I thought the last thread had some doozies, and the one before that.

But you win. You win the Golden Appendix award for the most useless comment in the histroy of MLBlogs.

I’m scared to read the next thread….lord only knows what bottom-of-the-bell-curve comments we’ll see there….


Matt I agree neither are worth top talent, but we shouldn’t move either for anything but top talent because they both have a lot of use on this team. Losing one puts a large hole in our lineup, be t off the bench or starting in right field every day. I think Cash is just taking calls on the off chance he gets blown away by an offer but isn’t as serious as the reports are making it out to be. Also the article from San Fran says we’re seeking starting pitching in return, who are we going to get from San Fran worth anything in the SP role? They wont part with Lincecom or Cain for either one, and they’s probably want to dump the worthless salary of Zito on us, no thanks. If you ask me both players are on the roster come Opening Day.


I don’t see the point of trading either Swisher or Nady unless we get top talent in return, which is unlikely. A weak spot last year was the bench. Now we have a bench. I say keep them.


I don’t see the Yankees moving either of the two players. Neither has a huge value and neither will net us a top level prospect. Nady has little value now because he’s in a Scott Boras walk year which means there will be no contract extensions and he’s the equivalent of a one year rental. Nobody will give up a player like Homer Baily etc. that I hear discussed by fans for a one year rental. When it comes to Swisher the Yankees have the luxury that other teams don’t have to pay him the $20MM over the next few years and prey he doesn’t play like he did in Chicago regardless of Ozzie taking the blame for putting him in a situation (leadoff and CF) he wasn’t comfortable in. Not many teams will give up a quality prospect for a .220 hitter regardless of power and he doesn’t fit in San Francisco much because it’s not a happy ballpark for lefty’s to hit in. I think this is more a media thing than anything else. I’d wager Cashman is taking phone calls but isn’t hearing much because teams think they can just steal either player from us.


I would honestly hate to see Nady moved. I think he is exactly the type of player this team needs. He’s not a superstar, yet he goes out and plays the game the way it should be played, game in and game out. He’s a “professional hitter” and a solid fielder, and he would do nothing but help this team. He’s also been relatively healthy and hasn’t been dealing with long-term injuries. I suppose if Nady is moved, then Swisher would be the everyday RF, but I’m not sure I really like that move. I think it’s safe to assume that over the course of the season, Nady will hit at least .285, with 20+ HR and around 100 RBIs. Who is to say the Yankees will get production even resembling those numbers from Swisher, or even Matsui for that matter?
I also read an interesting article from today, here’s the link: . You can never have enough pitching, right? I guess I’ll go back to the whole Pettitte thing again, although be it very briefly. Pettitte didn’t accept the $10mil./1yr. deal that he was offered (which I believe is a fair deal), and if for some reason the Yankees can’t bring him back (maybe for a 1yr./$11-12mil. deal w/ incentives), they should look at other options. I don’t think it’s a wise idea to go with a rotation of CC, Burnett and Wang, followed by Joba and Hughes. I think the Yankees do need 1 more veteran presence for their rotation, and that’s where someone like Garland would fit in perfectly. If not Garland, maybe take a risk on Sheets (that risk wouldn’t be too big knowing that there is a stockpile of arms in the system that could come up and make some starts if needed; Hughes, Aceves, etc.).


I think we aquired Swisher for 2 reasons. One, he gave us a stronger negotiating position with Teix. With Swisher, we still wanted Teix, but we no longer needed him as badly.

And two, if we hadn’t got Teix, Swisher would have given us a solid first baseman, so we wouldn’t have to desperately overpay for some second rate first baseman elewhere. And all in all, we did not pay too much for him.


I don’t think I understand the whole Swisher signing. If he was suppose to be the new first baseman then why did they sign Tex? Do they now say to Swisher – opps! You’re not good enough? Seems strange.



Accidently pressed submit there. Anyway, continuing,

but SS seems our greatest need. Also, a deal for a young catcher like Salty makes sense, but with Teix at 1B we would need to move Posada to DH soon, and trade Montero most likely as well.


There is an intersting piece on the Giants being interested in Swisher. I say we can keep both if we don’t get a good deal, it will strengthen our bench and give us depth. But the real question is, what do we want in return? In terms of prospects, our greatest depth is in pitching, so trading for more pitching may not be the best idea.

I say we identify a young shortstop to eventually replace Jeter. Than make a package that includes Nady or Swisher, and mabye Kenneddy/Horne. SS is a premium postion, we may need to give up a lot to get a top prospect. B


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