Andy Pettitte is upset

Andy Pettitte is displeased with the way his negotiations with the Yankees have gone, according to a report in this morning’s Newsday. Citing a source close to Pettitte, here is the newspaper’s list of the left-hander’s grievances:

1. Pettitte believes that the Yankees should display more appreciation for all that he has done for them.

2. While the Yankees are asking that Pettitte take a pay cut, the team
clearly is not hurting financially, given its large investments in
Teixeira, CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett.

3. Pettitte thinks that his 2008 season wasn’t as bad as the Yankees are making it out to be.

There are two sides to this story, of course. The Yankees offered $10 million on a one-year contract for what essentially will be a fourth starter. They can fill that much cheaper from within with Phil Hughes, Alfredo Aceves, Ian Kennedy, etc., and as Brian Cashman said, the fifth starter will come from that crop until further notice.

If you want to make the case that they won’t necessarily be as effective as Pettitte, who won 14 games last year, then the Yankees would remind of the 2-7 record after July 31 and the way Pettitte limped to the finish line — though he at least did record a win in Yankee Stadium’s final game on Sept. 21.

Pettitte’s selling point has perennially been to be a strong second-half performer, and there were those who reasonably believed Roger Clemens’ steroids fiasco interrupted his training.

There’s no reason to believe that Pettitte is sitting idly and watching these negotiations play out, but with five weeks to go until pitchers and catchers report, it’s only natural to wonder if this issue may be having a similar effect on his workouts?

Once again, I personally expect to see Pettitte in Tampa on Feb. 13, but who knows at this point — maybe I’m just being stubborn in believing it makes too much sense not to work out. If it winds up not being the Yankees after all, the Houston Chronicle’s Jerome Solomon thinks Pettitte will fit just fine in an Astros uniform for 2009. 


I want to see Andy return. He’s the face of the Yankees just as Mo, Posada, Jeter are. He’s a warrior who can bring a big insurance policy to the club. Cashman needs to remember that pitchers can be injured and what better position to be in, for another WC win, would it be to have that warrior at the helm?

PAY THE MAn Wish I could.

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Andy is a class act. He should return. He is, like Jeter, Posado, Mo – the FACE of the Yankees, too. He’s a warrior with heart to spare. I would, if I could, call the guy and say I’ll pay what you want for a year. With pitching, who KNOWS what will happen to the others. Insurance is expensive and it should include a warrior like Andy.

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The yankees have got to move on Pettitte. Sweeten the offer ( a little ) if no movement end the discussions immediately and begin the search for a 5th starter
I do not consider Hughes or Kennedy as a viable alternative this year. They need more seasoning
Both had a chance last year. Their combined win total was Zero. I am not suggesting we trade either one, but
we need a starter who has proven he can win in the big leagues. LIke Peavy, Sheets or someone else
Someday in the future Hughes and Kennedy may make it big, on the other hand with young pitchers no one can predict. Some learn how to pitch ,others become late bloomers, some never make no matter how great their stuff

Would not like to see Joba and another unproven arm as our 4th and 5th starter

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Yankee Fanatic response…point well taken…but there is no need for dispespect….i have to admitt that i don’t know what would be needed to acquire any of the players i previously suggestioned but of course i would offer the minimum for them in any intial offer but the reason i suggestd so much was because of these factors…
in the case of Cory Hart-Chris Young or Connor Jackson…
all three are young…cheap…have proven themselves on the major level and could get better…Hart and Young have speed and both have shown power…in the case of Jackson he has a good OBP. and could get 200 hits…
in looking at the Yankee pieces to be traded…the Yankees have Nady with only one year remaining on his contract which takes away some of his value….Swisher who’s skills could be declining has a contract that increases payment each season(21 mill) and Phil Hughes who has been brilliant and bad and injury prone…
that sounds risky for the team recieving those players…i know Phil Hughes has alot of up side…
so maybe i offered to much…but Yuan Miranda who i also suggested…will be 26 in April and they have said that he might not be ready for the majors until next season and Austin Jackson who i also suggested…is young with some good potential…but only hit .285-9HR-19 steals in double A and did not hit well in winter league play…will he be ready for centerfield next year and how high is his ceileing anyway
both Hart and Young show comparable speed with more power than A-Jax and Connor Jackson is a much better contact hitter with power equal to A Jax…and Yuan Miranda also lacks power esp. for a 1st baseman…
so i ask…if Phil Hughes was taken out of the equation could the Yankees get Conner Jackson and Chris Young with just Swisher and Nady…? i think not…could they do it with A-Jax added…?probably not because he isn’t ready for the Majors nor does he have Young’s power potential…maybe the two could be acquired with Yuan Miranda…and maybe Nady could be removed from the offer…
it’s all just speculation and non of us really count…
but if it’s me i would give up Miranda A-Jax and Swisher for Chris Young and Conner Jackson and maybe a prospect pitcher of lesser vaule than Hughes as well….
but to all you Yankee Fans sorry for offering Phil Hughes…
In hind site the offer was too big…
The Yankee Fanatic…

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it’s time to move from Andy Pettitte before some other team ggets Ben Sheets on the cheap…the market has really come down…the combination of so many talented free agents combined with a bad economy has made things very good for Baseball teams….and i think the Yankees can offer Sheets a short contract for 10 to 12 mill…

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Hey Matt!

What about those utterly handy-capable trade proposals in “caps” by Yankee fanatic. I haven’t seen something that retarded since someone proposed Phil Hughes for Mike Cameron. Oh, wait, that’s in there too.

I see that the overall IQ of this blog has dropped in recent months, as the trades and free agent signing proposals here have reached a level of stupidity that only Steve Philips can compete with.

Wow. What tha…? Yeah, like let’s trade Phil Hughes for a like 37 yr old CF who hits a pubic hair over .260 and strikes out more than Keyswahili does at the bar trying to pick up chicks.

Why is it that every time I read a thread there is another stupid trade idea that is just stupider than the one I read yesterday. (is that even a word, stupider? see, I’m getting infected with the dumbness now!)

Wake the FUTHARK up people and try having a thought once and a while.


I wonder, are these people drunk when they post here, or are they smoking fatties? Or are they just naturally stupid without chemical alterations?

I have the best trade ever. Let’s trade phil hughes, Joba the Hut, Austin Jackson, Xavier Nady, Phil Coke, Mark Melancon, and Austin Jackson again, for Randy Winn. That should solve our outfield problems. Oh, and let’s go and sign Barry bonds to play LF, and Manny to play RF.

Oh, and sign Bernie too, while you are at it. That will certainly solve our outfield problems!!!

Sheesh….I swear I am going to have a stroke from all of this….

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Andy Pettitte as the Yankees 5th starter ??? …

In my view, I don’t think we would be having this discussion if this was Andy’s final year of his contract [like last year] … There would be “no question” that the Yankees would be going into spring training expecting Pettitte to be part of the starting rotaton in 2009, as he certainly is the Yankees best starting pitching option, at this point, as the 5th starter !!! … So, if the Yankees would have brought Andy back under those conditions, why the reluctance this year? … Well, of course, we all know the answer, which is: “because of money” !!! … Now, I do think the Yankees offer of $10 Million to Andy Pettitte is “fair”; but, if Pettitte is worth $10 Million to the Yankees, then, why not up that offer to $12M or $13 Million ??? … If the Yankees didn’t want Pettitte back, they just would have said so, [like with Jason Giambi], and, that would be that … Andy would have went on his way, and signed aready with some other team !!! … Even with the three signings of: Tex, CC, and A.J., the Yankees payroll is still about $20M – $24M lower than last year !!! … Signing Andy Pettitte [For Only One Year] for about $13 Million is an amount that the Yankees could very easily afford to pay; and, in the long run, during the 2009 season, anyway, I think, Andy Pettitte will provide the Yankees with much more value than the extra $2M or $3 Million that it will cost to sign him !!! Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L” …

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we now know the yankees are fielding offers for trades of either Swisher and Nady but they need to be aggressive and make their own trade proposals that get them better and younger long term…………….
so i think they should make the proposal of…
there is some young potential with higher ceilings than Austin Jackson…LIKE CAMERON MAYBIN(MARLINS) AND ADAM JONES(ORIOLES)

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with the market being depressed the Yankees can get a #5 starter on the cheap if they can’t sign Pettitte…
if they can get him within a week a or two they should wait…but if pitchers start to move then they need to put a deadline on him so they don’t end up with trash or being forced to start two young pitchers in the same year like 2008…so signing someone in free agency short term is best……..IN ADDITION:THE YANKEES DON’T HAVE GREAT POSITION PLAYER TALENT IN THE MINORS…
and it showed when alot of their front line position players went down last year and that could occur again this season(not likely but possible)
and the Yankees have three people who play outfield and DH who are in the last year of their contract…
and no young replacements of high caliber in the farm…
so they need to think outside the box make a or some pitching sacrafice(s) and do something major to achieve the goal of getting talented young outfielders…

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While everyone is free to express their opinions, why is Pavano even being brought up? Most Yankee fans have been counting down to the expiring of that particular contract so we can say goodbye to Pavano.

As for Petitte, well I still judge him for the way he handled Mitchell Report. First, he takes HGH, then he lies about it, takes the Yankee 16mil deal, and before the ink drys announces he did in fact take the drug. I was a huge fan, now I will always associate Pettite with that. Facts are facts, he cheated.
That in itself doesn’t mean we should let him go. But we didn’t let him go, we offered him a very fair contract. 10mil is more than market value for Pettite. He turned it down, that should be it.

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Matt, Bryan, Golf and others:
ESPN keeps track over QUALITY starts defined by them. Pettitte (69) ranks #2 over the past 3 years, 2nd only to John Smoltz (71), ahead of Johan Santana (68). This is an important point when you consider the lack of run support Pettitte has received. I saw Pettitte get mad in 2007, something I have never seen.

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OK, I’ve had it. You can call the contract negotiations what you want but drop the whole “Pettitte’s washed up” diatribe. These are the SAME concoctions that many of some of you here were saying about the “washed up Mike Mussina” at the end of the 2007 season. He’s done. He’s had it. He should retire. He’s worthless. His arm is shot. BLAH BLAH BLAH-DE-FREAKIN-BLAH! Get over it. While I agree that Andy isn’t a $16M pitcher anymore, he’s 37 next season, one removed from a 15-9 campaign with a barely 4 era in 215 innings and 36 appearances (34 starts). He reached 200+ innings in each of the last 4 seasons, something that the guy we just dumped $82.5M CAN’T SAY! In 12 seasons, he’s failed to start AT LEAST 31 games only twice, once with us and once with Houston. You all talk about signing this Joe or that Joe because he could be a good innings-eater? You all make it sound like his arm is ready to fall off. He had 7 starts last year in which he allowed 3 or fewer ER and took either a ND or a loss (and in 5 of those 7, he went into the 6th or 7th inning.) He recorded a 14-14 record. In 13 ML seasons, he’s NEVER recorded a losing season. He had an off season. Cut the guy some slack. I think he’s playing a little gamesmanship. I’m with Bryan, I think he shows up in February.

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Garret, there are no idiotic opinions. Only idiotic people. remember that.

Um, and Mr Count-by-numbers over there with yer hat talking about “why are the bronx bombers talking about pitching so early”….UM, I don’t know how to break this to you, but PITCHING IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE GAME OF BASEBALL YOU DOLT! AND IN CASE YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED, LAST YEAR THE YANKEES STARTED LIKE A HALF A DOZEN ROOKIE OR MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD PITCHERS AND GOT SQUAT OUT OF THEM.

why are we talking about pitching? Because we all know what a baseball is. It’s a little round thingie that one throws 60 feet 6 inches and another person tries to hit it with a big round bat, which is much like your head: hard as a brick and possibly filled with cork.

If you are going to post something that comes out your backside, please next time save us the trouble and just type:


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um, do you have any sense of pattern recognition? re-sign Pavano for the 4th or 5th spot?

Holy crap. I thought that other post was dumb. But DUUUUUUUDE-you already are in the lead for “dumbest post of the year” and it’s not even halfway through January yet!

Oh man! What a Doozy!

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Sorry Pettite would give not gives.

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Manny is not coming to the Bronx, the Yankees do not need a lazy player who can’t field. And no Matsui on 0 knees and worthless fielding Manny cannot patrol LF adequately and and only one can DH leaving Damon our only viable leadoff hitter out of the mix. Damon is still a better LF than either of those two and his provides us better offesne because it makes the lineup more cyclical. We do not need an all star power hitter 1-9, we need speed at the top (Damon) because we cannot expect Gardner who has an OBP of .200 to lead off, we’d be starting every 1st with Jeter and 1 out. Melky maybe can lead off, but he is as risky as Gardner because though his ceiling may be high he has severely under achieved at the plate. Our rotation is decent as is, Pettite gives us experience, but I don’t know about a better pitcher and seriously Peavy is not going to be a Yankee. He wants nothing to do with the AL East and knows he cant handle facing the Sox and even the Rays 8-10 times each a season. He’s a NL stud but an above average AL pitcher.

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You are right pgarrett aka matt_saiki, Jake Peavey and Greineke are still available, so you are not a total dullard,eh…Major league baseball stars are some of the most petulant people on the planet…Jake Peavey included..given a chance to win he’ll jump at the chance to donn the pinstripes,too. …and their GM’s are willing to deal…The Yanks need both…You can never have enough good pitching…The reality is neither Chamberlain or Hughes have not spent enough time in the minors honing their skills and building up arm strenghth for the major league marathon of a 162 games. Pavano was a better option to pitch in the 4th or 5th spot…but, stupidly, the Yanks let him go to Cleveland for 1.5 mill. The Yanks should sign Manny…pronto !! Everyone knows you are the “Drama Queen”..or maybe you are just a”queen” period…at least Manny can hit…with runners in scoring position.

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so the Pirates of Panzance are talking to the yankees about trading for Nady, which it has been reported that the Pirates actually in fact have no interest in Nady.

The rumor is that the Pittsburg singing Pirates have offered Jorge Tabata and McCutcheon for Nady, and a player to be named later, who is rumored to be Damaso Marte.

The yankees have asked for Phil Coke, only to resind the request after realizing he was already on their roster.


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Yanks should not go into ’09 with two rooks in fourth and fifth spot of rotation….Like Chamberlain but his delivery is violent and needs to be smoothed out… envision high pitch count, short stay on the mound, will have arm problems early. Hughes needs to build up his innings/endurance & repertoire of pitches in AAA. Go fult tilt for Greineke, Peavey both are still available and GM’s from both are trying to fill big holes in their lineups. Ben Sheets has too many elbow, forearm problems. San Diego and K.C. can have their choice of Damon, Swisher, Cabrera, Ian Kennedy and the other punch and judy left hand hitter from AAA…Add Manny’s bat to line up…Manny and Matsui can adequately cover left field and share DH responsibilities..Win Win situation.

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Who cares about Andy when we have sony vaios and PS3s

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The problem with calling it a pay cut is Pettite was severely overpaid last year. He wasn’t a 16million pitcher, we all knew it going into 2008, but he was an old time loyalist and no one critised the amount because we owed him. Then he announces he took HGH just after agreeing to the deal, after which he gives us by far the worse second half of his career.

I wasn’t suggesting a 6 man rotation. I meant if we signed Sheets, Hughes or whoever would be the spot starter. And I know Sheets is injury prone, more so than Burnett, but if he is healthy he is an ace. And I would rather see him than Pettite, especially if we pay him less per year on an incentive laden deal. Though our rotation is fine now, it could get better.

Adding Pettite would give us innings, but most likely at a 5 ERA. The likes of Sheets don’t guarentee anything, but if he is healthy he is the best 4 starter in baseball. I feel that if we can depend on the rotation the way it is now, but there is still 10mil or so to spend, that’s the type of player we add. Shooting the moon and all that.

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I think many are missing the point. Andy Pettite only wants a one year contract. There are many older players (35-37) who still want multi-year contracts. In the scenario of a one year contract asking a guy to take a 37.5% pay cut is very harsh (I mean how many of us would be happy with that kind of % cut). Since it is so rare to see guys loyal to a team and only seeking one year contracts, I believe the Yankees need to cut this guy a max of 15% which means he should get a fair offer of 13.5 million. Granted, we’re talking about millions, but he was the second best starter on last year’s 89 win team and the #1 starter retired. This guy still has value (especially over a one year contract).

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Forget the payroll we can take care of Pettitte. Pedro Martinez has listed the Yankees in his list of 4 teams. Mussina in the WBC?

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redsoxloose is that you?

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To add to the comment from another post re: Pettitte:
Moose did reinvent himself from a power pitcher into a finesse pitcher & racking up 20 wins. Pettitte can’t do that because he already is a finesse pitcher. What is he going to do next? Pitch underhand ala women’s softball? Last season blew & if he pitches in ’09 won’t be any better.

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poor punchy petitte, prepares push-ups pondering people’s proclamation. panic party pettite’s persona picking pitcher past prime, pulling people pickering pettite plays pinstripe, push paser-byers promiting proper parting; popcorn, pickly pricey peugot platform. Prince Petitte, packs personals pushing past prime pinstripe parades. poor punchy petitte, please please please pray petiite procures pitching portfolio picking pricy pennet putting pettitte’s parade pumpkin party parallel, pinstripes power pitch perfect pie.

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Yeah, $10 million is such an insult. Whether he wants to admit it or not, Pettitte’s ability to perform has gone down and so should his asking price. I don’t see a lot of other teams beating down his door so perhaps he should swallow his pride and sign with the Yankees.


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yes no 6-man show,,,,

cc=cy young
arod & tex=co-mvp

thats my bail-out, stimulus package,,,,,all in one.

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give hughes a shot @ #5,

i cant beleive we “da bronx bombers” are talkin bout pitchin so early in the year,,,its like we cy young mania here in NYY-land

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I haven’t heard any offers for Sheets, so maybe he takes 2 and 20 to come to the Yanks for a chance to win. Maybe he takes less, like 8 mil a year with and extra 2,3 mil in performance bonuses. There are many ways Cashman can swing this one. And if we don’t get Sheets, we go with Hughes, Aceves or one of the kids here.

Pettite’s time with the Yankees is done. maybe we retire his number, maybe we don’t Either way, he won the last game at old yankee stadium, that’s how he should walk away from the franchise. Not with the first losing season of his career.

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I say we offer 2 years 20mil for Ben Sheets to come be our no. 4. We can afford 10mil for Pettite, we can afford the same for a better younger player in Sheets. Move Joba down to 5, that in itself will limit his innings and cut back the pressure on him. Hughes and the kids can fight it out for the 6 spot, because chances are our no 6 starter will make 15-20 starts next season. Injuries mean there will be oppurtunities for Hughes or whoever to prove himself.

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who do you think will be the 4th/5th guy in rotation


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NYY vs Sheffield Gary (just)
NYY vs Kennedy Yanks (just)
NYY vs Hughes Yanks (just)

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Just & Unjust done to them…………
NYY vs Bernie: Bernie (unjust)
NYY vs Arod: Arod (just)
NYY vs Clemens Clemens (just)
NYY vs Winfield Winfield (unjust)
NYY vs Torre Torre (unjust)
NYY vs Mattingly Donnie (equal)
NYY vs Pavanno Yanks (unjust)
NYY vs Damon Yanks (unjust)
NYY vs Sheffield Gary (just)
NYY vs Kennedy Yanks (just)
NYY vs Hughes Yanks (just)

latest saga…
NYY vs Petitte Andy (just)

the yanks are fair w/ 10M. Andy take it or leave it.

here is the spin;
will they cut jeter’s salary like this as well,,,,,???? and what position front office perhaps….

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Oh, what, are wittle Andy’s feelings hurt?

Spare me and the rest of the fans.

This guy went 14-14, 2-7 after the break, and was involved in a banned-substance controversy. Giambi is gone, now it’s time to say good-bye to another useless appendage who does nothing but eat up salary and a roster spot, as well as juicing up whenever he feels he “needs to help his team”.

This guy is the biggest phoney this side of politics and the yankees should walk away from this and never look back.

I have NO respect for Andy Petitte now. The HGH thing was bad, but this is the icing on the cake. Didn’t appreciate him? All he did? All he did was NOTHING but take HGH so he could get more $$$$ and now he wants above market value for his aging left arm, which can’t break 88 on the gun anymore.

If Andy went 7-2 in the second half, I could understand. But he stunk up the joint like rancid, rotting dead rat who died a long, long time ago.

The ship has sailed with Petitte. Cashman should be smart and end talks with this slime.

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I don’t understand why there is this much problem trying to figure out a contract with Pettitte. Both sides say they want to be reunited for another season, so figure it out. Andy, $10mil isn’t that bad of an offer, especially for a #4 starter. Maybe the Yankees can sweeten the offer a little bit, say $11mil. for 1yr. with incentives that could make it a $13-$14mil. pay-out. I would personally have to think that if something along those lines was thrown out there, it should be taken.

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