Mariano, Hoffman and everyone else had me research an interesting topic for our Lee Smith rollout package — of today’s crop of closers, which might be Hall of Fame worthy? The answer is pretty much exactly what you’d expect, with Mariano Rivera a virtual lock and Trevor Hoffman not far behind.

But really, no other long-time closers jump out at you. That just goes to prove how difficult it is to remain durable and dominant in that role for so long, especially now that the game has changed since the 1980s and closers aren’t asked to be firemen in the Goose Gossage mold.

“That would be a special treat,” Rivera told the New York Daily
News last year. “To be able to have the opportunity to be part of the
Hall of Fame is the cream of the cream, the pinnacle, the top. That’s what every player wishes for. We have the opportunity to one
day be part of that with the five closers already there. That’s a
select group.”

Rivera and Hoffman represent the best of the ‘new breed,’ and with more than 1,000 saves combined between them, forecasting them for Cooperstown was easy. After that, the crystal ball gets hazy. Do you think there are any other closers out there who could be Hall-worthy?


“Objective journalism” is an oxymoron (present company excepted of course!)


did you all read those comments in that article about how Mariano shouldn’t be in the hall because he is a “one inning” relief pitcher or that he blew “too many big games”?

I let ’em have it. Stupid is as stupid does.

I just don’t get it. What else does he have to do? OH YEAH-he needs to win a Cy Young award, but um…Bartolo Colon won it a few years back instead of Mo. Mo deserved it, but anti-yankee sentiment amongst the writers probably prevented him from getting it.

Um, Mr Hoch, maybe you can answer this question: Aren’t Journalists supposed to be “objective”? I have seen this so much in the media w/ sports about black-balling certain players because of personal preferences.

Can’t these folks ever vote honestly???


Mo is a first ballot HOFer, prob Hoffman is as well.

I don’t see that you can make a case for a Percival or a Wagner over a guy like Lee Smith, who really should already be in the hall.


Mo’s better than Hoffman. Who cares if Hoffman has more saves, he’s also had more save opportunities (Mo: 482/508, Hoffman: 554/581). Rivera also has a better career ERA in addition to his great postseason performance. Mariano has a 2.29 ERA, whereas Trevor has 2.78.



Joakim Soria. Just kidding.


I should have written this above, but you could make the case that guys like Troy Percival and Billy Wagner will get a smattering of votes. But 75 percent? Not likely.


Not yet. Mo and Hoffman have stood the test of time. There are other good closers, but they haven’t done it over the long haul.


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