Alphabet soup with CC and A.J.

Cross the top two items off Brian Cashman’s holiday shopping list, as the Yankees have added A.J. Burnett to the party behind CC Sabathia in the rotation. That makes the starting pitching department almost complete, leaving it up to Andy Pettitte to decide if he wants to be the Yankees’ fourth or fifth starter for a one-year, $10 million deal.

Once again, and maybe now more than ever, the smart money is that Pettitte will accept. Burnett would have had incredible leverage on the Yankees if Sabathia had gone elsewhere, but it’s win-win for him — he can now slip in behind Sabathia and use that big shadow to escape a lot of the New York media spotlight. His personality isn’t perfectly suited for New York, but he has 82.5 million reasons to make it work.

What also played into this was the geographical location to Maryland. Burnett’s wife, Karen, does not choose to fly, and because of this, New York suddenly looked a whole lot more geographically appealing than Atlanta. The Blue Jays used to have a clause in Burnett’s contract that provided for limo service between Maryland and Toronto — the ride just got a whole lot shorter.


I say get manny he is willing to go to any team but yes get tex then pevey for the rotation he would wave his no trade clause to go to use the trade we lose nady and kennady and few other prospects then we get pevey then it looks like this



Boras will probably parlay Texieria into the 10 year $200 Million contract that he projected. Is he worth it, being one of the top 10 paid MLB players over the next decade? Maybe so. Convince me.


Okay, I advocated for Texiera last year, before I saw the 2008-09 off season SP emphasis. How good is he really? What does he do with RISP? Worth going to the financial mat with the BoSox and Angels on a 8 – 10 year commitment?


Getting CC and Burnett were awesome moves. Getting Andy back or Sheets would be the final step to the rotation (along with Wang and Joba- Sorry after last year we can’t count on Hughes- maybe an injury would give him a chance to prove himself). Bottom line though we still don’t have a #3 bat. Swisher is not the answer and Nady’s numbers dropped severely after coming to New York so he is not the answer either. Manny is spelt T-R-O-U-B-L-E so why would anyone want to take the chance of bringing someone like that into the clubhouse. Trading anyone for Cameron who I don’t think ever really produced anything (good fielder though) would be a terrible mistake! Want a World Series- sign Tex. 86 million off the books, CC and Burnett add back only 39, 20ish for Tex and your still only at 59-60 million. Saving 26 million but a whole lot better than last year. I f anyone thinks we have what it takes offensively already you are sadly mistaken.


Sign Tex on 12/24!. Manny turned down L.A’s 3year 75mil offer. Say’s he might retire!? Don’t want or need his drama. Love his bat, but at 36?. Tex would give us a swith hitter batting between Jeter and A Rod. Posada whether we like it or not? is a big ???. Matsui and Damon should have have a good 09 season (if no injuries??). Their off the books next year. At 28 Tex brings youth and gives us a gold glove at 1st. I question the (possible?) Cameron move CF? he’s also 36. I understand the bridge to A.J.? but I would give Gardner and or Mellky anothe shot. Sign Tex!


Tiger NYC & Gehrig

I could not have put it better myself very succinct. The team with that offence did win 89 games without Posada Matsui Rodriguez for twenty games, Matsui for 80 % of the year, Jeter was banged up for almost the whole year after being hit on the wrist , possibly a broken wrist or scaffoid bone, Cano was very down until the last month. Certainly Texeira would be a huge plus but at the price $185 M minimum combined with the $244.5 represents $430 M a inconceivable amount given the state of the economy. Yes it would prevent Boston from improving but I would back the current line up ( with Abreu ) against any Bostom team including Texeira every single time no doubt. In my view you have to most importantly have to have TEAM players first and foremost and Abreu is that , I am not sure Texeira will be that sort of a player.
The important stat here is the 89 games won in 08 and a 09 lineup improved by at least 30 %. I would back this line up to win an absolute minimum of 115 games in fact I am now going to do just that.
I would also like to see them hang on to my man Giambino to use in some capacity for at least one year. I have not heard of him going anywhere else at this stage and I cannot see him retiring just yet. He is not a bad option behind Swisher at 1B .

Yes the offense must be improved from 08 but it will with the comments made above. Nobody and I mean nobody can convince me that with Posada Matsui Jeter and Rodriguez playing a whole year and a fit Jeter and an improved Cano, plus retaining Abreu that this will not happen.


Aussie Bryan McLeod.
Aussie Bryan
Aussie Bryan


Let´s start not with my opinions but with facts:

1) Lineup´s 3/5 positions are not covered…yet.
2) Cameron is no solution for either offensive position. (Or maybe, because of the season, we start believing in baseball miracles.)

Now, my opinions:

1) Do not underestimate the importance of defense AND offense for the first baseman. Great Yankee Teams had great offensive and defensive first basemen. No names need to be mentioned, everybody knows them.
2) Linked with no.1): AVOID AT ALL COSTS THE DICK STUART SYNDROME. (The guy could certainly bat, but God, he was awful at first base. As DH only, he would have been a megastar). So please, do not keep mentioning first base as a place to put players who can bat but cannot play defensively as they used to in their original positions. So, the likes of Posada and co. have only one alternative: DH.
3) I agree with the posts above about the fact that it is not often you find
a first baseman who is a FA, young, defensively and offensively skilled (who would be a solution for one of the 3/5 present voids), and who, if going to Boston, would reinforce an already very strong rival. So, my first choice would be Teixeira. And in any case, if not him, any other guy in the market for 1st base or outfield, or DH (including the possibility of the return of Abreu, and dumping the knee-weakened Matsui).
4) I share the good hopes regarding a possible improvement of the offensive in 2009, thanks to a better AROD, Posada, Matsui, Cano, or the blossoming of Swisher. But let´s be clear: these are hopes, almost bordering in wishful thinking.

The offense must be improved. And, in my opinion, that is a fact.


Meant odd numbered years re A-Rod, obviously.


Did anyone notice that both the Yanks’ AAA and AA teams won Championships based on the developing pitching talent, without any noteworthy hitting prospects other than Austin Jackson?

With a solid major league starting rotation, developing replacements at AAA and a strong bullpen, the Yanks are ingreat shape and the future. They won 89 games in 2008 and project as better now.

Plus, note that A-Rod seems to perform to MVP caliber levels every other, even numbered year.

Cameron may be a defensive upgrade, with decent HR and RBIs, but he strikes out way too much. Damon can still hit when healthy, but lacks the wheels (and arm) to play CF any more.

How about this line-up:

Garnder, cf
Jeter, ss
Damon, lf
Rodriguez, 3b
Matsui, dh
Posada, c
Cano, 2b
Nady, rf
Swisher/Miranda, ib

With SP of:

Pettitte or Sheets

BP of:

Bruney (Melancon later)
+ 1 (Robertson, Albaladejo, Geise)


Way to go Yanks – we got the 2 hurlers we set out to get, #1 mission accomplished now we need to sign Manny to sure up our DH and part time LF possition – Matsui will NOT be able to play as an everyday LF b/c he opted NOT to get surgery therefore the knee issues will continue to surface. The Yankees will not sign Tex – they will be reluctant b/c they do not know what is going to happen with Posada – it’ll be interesting to see if he will regain his catchers form – I am not that optimistic! I think the Swisher signing was pretty good and he will platoon with Duncan – lets be real, the Yanks cannot have all stars in every position.

I say we must resign Abreu for 3 yrs with an option of a 4th.

The lineup would look as follows:

Damon CF
Jeter SS
Rodriguez 3B
Manny DH/LF
Abreu RF
Matsui LF/DH
Posada C
Cano 2B
Swisher 1B

What do u think?


Uh… ” besides Tex who else is available “…

Adam Dunn
Manny Ramirez
Milton Bradley

We could easily have two of those guys up there for the rice of Teixeira. Dunn in LF, Damon in CF, Nady in RF, Matsui DH. Milton Bradley in RF, Damon in CF, Nady in LF. Manny Ramirez in RF, Damon in CF, Nady in LF; Note these are all scenarios.

a 3-4-5 of Swisher — A- Rod — Manny/ Bradley/ Dunn is super, and they’re contracts will be consideraby shorter. So let’s stop all of that ” It’s Teix or bust ” stuff. We can easily get his offensive production somewhere else, and not have to commit near as much years OR dollars to one player. He’s 28 for crying out loud, NOBODY should sign a player to more than a 5 year contract. Yet A-Rod has signed his last deal that is a decade long, and we’ve given a pitcher ( who shouldn’t receive more than 3 year contracts ) FIVE years. We forget that Swisher is a 25 HR guy, so no, we only lost 25 HRs, not 50.

BUT I would’ve loved to see how you guys would’ve reacted if we hadn’t signed anybody because of that fact. You’d all be going berserk! So guys, can we be happy about the fact that we won’t be playing 14-10 games anymore? I’m sure Cashman is more than aware of his offense and is working on some trade scenarios ( hopefully he can do better than Cameron, my God! ) and is taking some long looks at Teixeira and Co. It’s a very long four months beofre we’re in ST and christening NEW Yankee Stadium.


We all have to remember that with the loss of Giambi and Abreu we LOST 200+ RBI’s. Nick swisher is NO answer, we need someont to produce 1) RBI’s and 2) to protect A-Rod. We have no one for either??? Picthing is GREAT but we must produce runs. Also we nee to get over that HUMP of hitting with runners in scoring position, without this the money spent on the pitching was WASTED!!!!!! Cameron is not going to produce RBI’s or protect A-Rod so forget him! Besides Tex who else is available without breaking the bank???


I don’t know what to say. I fear there will be a time VERY soon (and by “very” I mean within a couple seasons) when we are sitting here merely anxiously waiting for one or both of these contracts to wear out. Interesting article from a toronto paper speaking on Burnett’s ability to handle the pressure in NY and it wasn’t favorable. We had pitching problems last year but the number of games we lost because we simply S U C K E D offense-wise. I think if we sign Lowe and trade for Cameron it is the death knell of everything that Cashman says he was trying to do and a return to the Go Go 80’s when they couldn’t buy enough. It would be a complete repudiation of the ’08 season, admitting failure and setting this team up for another several season’s of failure. 32 year old Burnett for 5. 36 year old Lowe wants 5. Mike Cameron is what 36 or 37? The Toronto article also talks about how the Yankees coudn’t WAIT for all this money from large, long term contracts came off the book only to go right back and replace them with more large long term contracts. Ken Davidoff says we should sit on Pettitte too, suggesting a Rocket-esque mid-season affair. Horse crap. Sign him now to a 1 (maybe even a 1+1?) I simply don’t understand how very badly the Yankees underestimate the value of success in the Stadium. Pettitte’s value to the team is one of those intangible things that we sorely lacked last year in our offense. It would be a mistake not signing him. At that point we have a solid (well…. ) starting 5 in CC, Wang, AJ, Pettitte, Hughes. Put Joba in the pen and let him know that he’s going to spend the season there but plan on pitching some long relief to build up innings.


I’ve been a yankee fan for close to 50 years. Yes I agree, pitching isthe #1 priority and Cashman has accomplished that with CC and AJ. But we are the Bronx Bombers and are now lacking the Bomb. The great yankee teams had lefty boppers…ruth..gerig…mantle…maris…nettles…jackson suited for yankee stadium. We lost giambi and abreu. Might as well break the bank and go get tex….gives you the power of giambi and the obp of abreau Also, tell andy to stay home in texas.. His career is over..thank him for some great moments and move on. We got enough younger armsto fill that spot(hughes to name one)that throw harder and will excell. Got to give them a chance cuz we will trade them and they will be stars somewhere else. If no tex, resign abreu, platoon milky and damon or that rookie in the minors(cant think of his name), and unload matsui . Gotta give some of these kids an opportunity.


I don’t for one minute believe the Yanks can’t affor Tex but with a plethora of future options at 1B the money would be better spent elsewhere. Don’t get me wrong, Texeira at first in 2009 greatly improves the Yankees but come 2010/2011/2012 where are you going to fit Posada/Jeter/A-Rod/Montero etc?


Are you guys silly?

Forget about the injuries.. this team is horrible when it comes to RISP.. they have gotten much worse in the last 3 years.. consistently degrading.. look at the facts/stats when they were all healthy.. how many 2 run games did we have last year? We couldn’t score.. the year before we couldn’t hit (even tho we had scored more runs than anyone) we couldn’t drive in the runs when they mattered.. Jorge and Arod were great in 07.. even if Jorge has a good year and Arod has a great year .. you have an “iffy” cano.. an older Jeter and Damon .. and you subtract Giambi and Abreau .. C’mon ..

it’s wishful thinking to believe the Yankees have what it takes offensively to compliment their new starters .. (who by the way are injury prone: I.e. AJ, Hughes, Pet.. Wang is coming back after missing most of last season..

that is a lot of faith to put into this team..


How often does a switch hitting, defensive gold-glove 5 tool player become a free-agent? It’s pretty odd how the Yankee’s have not had a guy like this since Mattingly and ironically DOnny Baseball is Tex’s idol!!!!!

If anyone belongs in Pinstripes it’s TEX!!! We need him no doubt.. stop letting the media tell you “Yankees can’t afford it”

Don’t forget they have matsui and damon coming off the books next year too..

Sad day in Yankee-Land… I understood how they past on Santana they wanted money and young talent..

Since when have the Yankees not been able to some how afford a player the desperately need..

Yeah, you can tell.. I absolutely think we are desperate and need TEX… all the pitching in the world is not going to solve the inability to drive in runs…

P.S. there is a team a few hours away that had a great line-up even without Manny and they just might Get TEX to go along with there pretty-darn-good rotation…

can we compete if they get tex?


Concerned fan



I completely agree with you about the Yank’s line-up still being quite formidable. Somethings people are saying like Damon being washed up –did you see his numbers last year!– and Posada and Jeter being done in the next two years are absolutely ridiculous . Hopefully A-Rod will be his usually stellar self opposed to just an ordinary amazing ball player and the rest of the squad stays healthy and play like they can (lacking Cameron hopefully).


With all of the new pitching support, the surplus of up-and-coming pitchers are not precious commodities and the Yanks should exploit pitching-weak teams to help our slots at 1B and OF. I wonder if the Yanks could pull a deal for either Conner Jackson, Jorge Cantu, or David Murphy. I think all four of these guys would fit into the line-up relitively well either filling 1st base or an outfield position. ——————————— Conner Jackson- (1B/OF/Diamondbacks)- he would be tricky to pry away from Arizona, but perhaps sending Miranda and Aceves/Kennedy would get the deal done. ——- Jorge Cantu- (1B/3B/Marlins)- He’s been tossed in on some rumor’s lately due to the fact that he is line for a hefty pay raise through arbitration, and we all know how much the Marlins hate to pay. I’m sure something along the lines of the Jackson package would get it done. ——————————————————————————— David Murphy- (OF/Rangers)- With an overcrowded outfield and an endless need of pitching I think either Kennedy or Aceves and might pry Murphy from the Rangers, maybe toss one of our solid relievers. Plus, the Sox traded him to the Rangers for Gagne (snicker) so that’s an added bonus.


I am getting quite frustrated at the view of a lot of supporters here but I confess to not having the deep inside knowledge of a lot of statistics.

The cold hard facts are to me simple. The Yankees in 08 were riddled with injuries to most of the offence, as well as to pitching staff and added to that the pitching staff also fell short in 08. Yes they had injuries there and Hughes and Kennedy did not produce as they might have been expected to. They lost Wang there as well as Chamberlain. Management declined to trade either Hughes or Kennedy to get Santana in 08 hoping they could go after Sabathia in 09 which they did.

The offense lost A) Posada almost entire season.
B) Rodriguez for almost 3 weeks or 20 games

C) Jeter played on after suffering a probable broken wrist very early when hit by a pitch in the same spot twice in the space of a few games and although he battled on he was not his usual productive self.

D ) Matsui almost for the entire season

E) Cano,his production was down certainly but the signs were there for all to see in the last month to confirm he will be a lot more productive in 09.

With all of the above they still won 89 games enough to win most divisions.

The bottom line is that offensively they do no need a Cameron or a Texeira sure Texeira would be great if he was not going to cost almost $200 M and that is what he will cost.

My very humble opinion is that they needed one possibly two gun starters which they have got. Combine that with the above offense AS IT IS and they will improve by at least 20 % and will win a minimum of 110 games in 08 no doubt at all.

They have now as is 4 starters in Sabathia Burnett Chamberlain and Wang who have a great shot at winning 20 each then throw in Pettite who will pitch in 09 and only for NY and at 4 0r 5 will be a huge bonus.

Please all show some faith in Damon, Jeter Cano Rodriguez Posada Matsui Nady Swisher and hopefully Cabrera and Abreu. That is a line up any team ould be green with envy of, BOTTOM LINE.

Aussie Bryan


its easier to win a WS with a solid rotation and a mediocre batting lineup. While I agree the Yankees need to get some offensive help now, they needed to sure up a rotation that was sparse to say the least. We got the rotation beefed up so now it’s time to get a bat, but I’d much rather CC and A.J. than just Tex because a lights out pitching staff will win a WS before a lineup full of mashers, the Yankees have already proven that in the 2000’s. But it would be nice to see all three in pinstripes.


Do the Yankees really think that all it takes to win a World Series is great pitching? I thought you had to score runs. It will be interesting to see how they solve that little problem. Could it be spelled: T-E-X?



Exactly. Where’s the protection for A-Rod in the lineup? Are we really supposed to trust Nady as the #3 hitter and Matsui or Posada in the #5 slot? Maybe Nady will be great, but we have no clue what we’ll get from Matsui and Posada this year. A BAT, Cashman. A BAT.


Getting the Pitching was great…but lets not forget that (as of now) we are down 50+ Home Runs and almost 200 RBI (between Abreu and Giambi)…that is a WHOLE lot of protection for A-Rod that just ain’t there! We need to get at least ONE big bat in the lineup! Tex or (heaven help us) Manny would be just what we need!


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