Packing away the memories

clubhouse.jpgWe’re starting to see more and more signs behind the scenes that this is the final series of Yankee Stadium. Actually, we’re seeing less signs, to be more accurate.

I wrote here last week that the Yankees had taken down all of the old photos from the dining room downstairs. Yesterday we showed up and the giant poster size lithographs were removed from the press work room downstairs, further dissuading anyone who might have been thinking of carrying out an oversize portrait of Elston Howard, I guess.

Well, this morning all of the retired numbers and photos were taken out of the hallway leading to the Yankees clubhouse (above, the hallway as it used to be).

No more Babe Ruth, no more Lou Gehrig, no Joe D., Mick or Yogi. Bye guys, see you in the new park. Also missing in action were the giant American League logos and sculptures commemorating the 39 AL pennants, with only blank paint spots and residual sticky tape left on the walls.

Even gone is the sign directing you to follow the blue line to the Yankees clubhouse, the red line to the visitors. Those of you who took the Yankee Stadium tour this summer or earlier know what staples I’m talking about. These are becoming colder times here in the Bronx. It’s hard to believe it, but it’s really happening and there’s no getting around it.


I actually have seen Cain pitch he’s has good stuff. I’m not taking anything away from him altough I recalled one of his interviews he was rather monotone. I think he was asked what he thought of Roger Clemens and he I can’r quote but didn’t really care for him. This was before the Balco circus. I’m not suggesting it’s revelant but I prefer players with more heart. I can say Johan is my favorite pitchers of the modern day but the price was to high for one man. Truthfully I can’t stand for Lowe and Johnson but I’m respectful of there careers. I’ll take Lowe but defenetly not for are deuce behind Wangster. C.C is having a spectacular season he’s only drawn one loss since being traded his value is through the roof unfortunetly. The bottom line is the youth movement was a gamble and it’s due to payoff. We need another Ace (please don’t tell me Wang isn’t one) or a bullpen that will carry throughout the season. In all travest the Yankers blew it 2004-2005 because they were dead favorites to win it all. To quote Jeet “that’s why we play the games”.


That was my point exactly! Randy Johnson in his PRIME was absolutely brilliant. He was unhittable and him and Curt Schilling won the World Series against the Yankees. The two of them were arguably the best 1-2 punch in baseball history. When the Yankees got him his talent was on the decline, of course this happens to all of us and you cannot take anything away from his career. When we had the opportunity this year to get a Santana who is still in his prime and is the kind of pitcher who can win ball games for you, we passed. People are talking about signing Lowe next year. He is 36 years old and his best years are also behind him unless you sign CC it would be foolish to bother with a guy like Lowe.


NO Randy Johnson is not a HOF pitcher, NO he didn’t beat the Yankees single handedly, No he isn’t a 5 time Cy young winner, NO he didn’t throw a no-hitter against the AL Tigers. He’s old now and was when he played for the Yanks cut him a break. I was insulted by the trash talk of current Yankees. It seems to be common around here. It doen’t bother me so much if it’s past Yankee players (especially one that were drawn here by the american dollar) but lets hold the ignorence.


I must be the only one that doesn’t care about how much they pay anyone? It’s not my money to be honest. The Yankees overpay because they have a repituation they pay for “the brand”. George can do as he pleases with his money. Thats’ an idea buy the “Rays” and force them to forfeit there playoff ticket? They should be worth around half of Alley’s contract thats including Tropicana.


Yeah and you can even mention Clemens however what was Johnsons ERA? You have to remember that those Yankee teams were hitting the cover off of the ball. There were alot of pitchers that could of walked into that situation and won 17 games. Johnson was far from being an Ace by then. Chacon did alright for a while but in the end wasn’t much. Sure these guys did alright but alright is not going to take the Yanks anywhere. Do you really think Johnson earned the money he was paid? What I mean is signing the Ace they have been so dearly missing the last few years. Having a Santana this year and in the future would of been huge or a guy like Beckett or CC for next year. Signing an alright guy will do nothing and they might as well save their money. Wang has been a pretty good pitcher over the last couple years but has been weak in the playoffs when they were really counting on him. Joba looks like he could be that dominating starter but by the time they decide what to do with him and building up innings and reliever, starter, reliever, starter he will likely be sick of all the crap, become a free agent , sign somewhere else and be the great pitcher I think he can be.


thank you!


I have some arguments for a few of those names, that actually did work out for the Yankees. I’m not necessarily saying they worked out in the grand scheme of things (winning a World Series) because that didn’t happen, but at least 2 of those names came in to New York and made an impact. The Yankees got Randy Johnson a few years too late, but he gave the Yankees 17 victories both seasons he pitched in New York. Do you all forget that he was 5-0 against the Red Sox his 1st year in pinstripes? When Chacon came to the Yankees, he pitched extremely well in the second half of the season, 1 of the main reasons why that team went to the playoffs again. To say that they didn’t “work out” tips on the side of ridiculous though. I am by no means arguing to sign Derek Lowe, trust me. I know he’s been a horse and hasn’t hit the DL in 10+ seasons, and I know that even though he’s getting older he is still a fairly effective SP, but I don’t want the Yankees to go after him. I think the Yankees will have better and younger options out there to deal with.


Matt, I guess we will have to agree to disagree. My bottom line is I don’t want to sign a 36 year old NL pitcher who has been in the weakest division in MLB. Name the last NL pitcher we signed that worked out? Unit? Loaiza? Vasquez? Chacon? And even you have to admit that if Pettitte wants to pitch next year, the Yanks will let him and no amount of blogging will change that. So let’s move on.



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