Millar on Edwar: “Cute little fella”

Sorry, but this quote is too hilarious to pass up.

Kevin Millar on Edwar Ramirez’s ejection in the seventh inning Wednesday:

“I was upset they threw him out of the game because
he’s really good hittin’. He’s a cute little fella, he didn’t throw
that hard and he doesn’t have very good stuff. So it’s probably a good
idea they threw him out, because it probably would’ve been in Monument


Millar is a tool! Why is he even mentioned on this blog?

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Yeah, talk trash with your .250 batting avg and going-no-where-team.

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Was Millar talking about what is under his belly button or is he just a **** who likes tall skinny young men!!!!!!

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Once an IDIOT always an IDIOT!

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I guess we will take Millar out for real next time.

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Next time he gets drilled in the fore arm. Jerk

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